Mob Monday Preview: 2 Episodes Left, and a Showdown Looms!

Mob’s grown a lot, but will all of his lessons help him in these last few fights?

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Before we even get started with thinking about the preview for episode 12 of Mob Psycho 100 II, I think we really need to take a moment to talk about episode 11! When we started last week, we really thought that the fireworks would be going off in some amazing battle scenes, and while we got them, it was sort of amazing how… simply each one of them ended. And yet despite how simple these battles resolved, so many things happened in episode 11 that are setting us up for the finale that are pretty important to consider.

don't give up, mob!

First, Mogami returned… and respects Mob? The character we felt was perhaps the most dangerous foe Mob had ever encountered returns not only to (indirectly) lend Mob a hand, but gives him not only advice, but seems to respect Mob’s decisions. Mogami as we’ve seen him so far is a ruthless and cold person who sees humans as nothing but insects, and despite the fact that he could very likely have wreaked his own type of havoc, he just gives Mob the one piece of advice he seems to haven’t dealt with yet and vanishes. Then, Shimazaki seems so capable and powerful in his battle against the Scars, Teru, and Ritsu… only for him to lose to Reigen of all people, and then for the revelation that their amazing, world bending fight would have been less than a second’s worth of attention from Mob. It’s a somewhat unique thing to see a show give you a stellar fight sequence and then immediately undermine it while staying on brand!

umbrella man

And, perhaps, that message is what really matters as we roll into episodes 12 and 13; this isn’t a show about people having psychic battles for who is the strongest, this is a show focused on the growth of the protagonist, having him realize his own sense of personhood and with an overarching theme of kindness. So how will that play out when Mob eventually reaches the head of Claw itself, a man who seems to not only lack kindness in any form, but seems almost totally emotionless? We’ll likely need to wait another week for that answer, though, because Mob first has to contend with the umbrella wielding Serizawa! We’ve seen Serizawa the most from all of the Elite 5 members of Claw, appearing in small scenes here and there, and it seems like the series is trying to hint that Serizawa might be a more important character than he lets on. We know that he is, or was, something of a shut-in that Toichiro recruited, and that he doesn’t seem to have a full grasp of the situation in some senses. Serizawa seems totally loyal to Toichiro despite everything he’s doing, but it’s hard to get a sense that he’s a bad person, and his personality seems quite different from the rest of the Elite 5 that were happy to wreak havoc on everything around them. What kind of battle will he and Mob have? And will we finally get an answer about what’s up with that umbrella?

a madman

Next, it seems like Toichiro has made short work of his son Sho, and while that isn’t quite surprising after this week’s episode, it is giving us a bigger picture of who this man really is. Mob has fought quite a few different people over the course of the series, and many of those have put his sense of right and wrong against their own, usually pitting his kindness against their selfish desires. In season 2, we saw a bit different of a combat between the hopeless and unempathetic Mogami, a person almost exactly Mob’s opposite, but something about Toichiro seems even beyond that. It isn’t even that he seems totally selfish or lacking empathy, but it almost seems like he has no emotional output at all. A person like that might be truly dangerous, and hopefully Mob isn’t getting in over his head with this fight; after all, while Mob’s powers are off the charts and he always comes out on top, fighting a human who doesn’t see you as anything but an obstacle is a lot different than a battle of wills!    

omg he has a GUN

Finally, I think there’s really only one last thing to talk about, the elephant in the room of this preview: why does Reigen have a gun?! Reigen has been doing some really unexpected things in these past few episodes (or, really, this entire season), and his takedown of Shimazaki was perhaps one of the most surprising. Then again, when you focus too much on nothing but esper powers and users, it does leave you open to getting absolutely comboed into oblivion by someone who doesn’t have any at all! But, how did he even get up into the tower? And where did the gun come from? It looks like it probably belongs to Sakurai and is his cursed airsoft gun, but what exactly does Reigen intend to do with it? We’ve seen what happens if Reigen (or anyone he cares about, really) gets injured in front of Mob, but it seems uncharacteristic of Reigen to put himself into such direct harm’s way to perhaps make that happen again. Did his fight against Shimazaki give him an inflated ego to take down Toichiro? Reigen, I think you might regret that this time...  

mob are u ok?

It seems harder to say every week, but we’ve only got two episodes left of Mob Psycho 100 II, and next week will be our last preview! No matter what happens in the end, we’re sure it will be a combination of amazing action and animation, as well as heart, emotion, and the distinct charm of Mob Psycho 100. Either way, we aren’t going to get there without a fight, and Mob’s got two very distinct enemies in front of him before we can even think about a happy ending of any sort. But this Mob is also much harder than he was before, thanks to Mogami’s advice… it might be Toichiro wishing for someone to come rescue him after everything he’s done to Mob’s beloved Seasoning City! Either way, we know where we’ll be Monday, and we’re sure that we’ll see you all there too!

How’d you feel about Mob Psycho 100 II episode 11? Anything you’d like to see in this upcoming showdown between Mob and Toichiro? Let us know in the comments!


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