Shield Hero Fans Worship the Devil of the Shield

Last week’s episode ended in a terrifying cliffhanger. This week, the plot thickened! *SPOILERS CONTAINED*






If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.


Special note: There is a new opening sequence and ending sequence in this episode!

Everything picked up where the cliffhanger left off - Naofumi protecting Melty from an attack by a soldier. The Shield Hero party kicked them away but the footage of that fight was altered and used as propaganda across the kingdom along the new nickname: The Devil of the Shield. Everyone in the Shield Hero party became wanted criminals for kidnapping the princess!

Melty speculated that her sister, Myne, was behind this plot and assumed that she may be killed if she went back to the kingdom. She also let the party in on her family dynamic and informed them that as a matrilineal monarchy, the Queen was the ruler of the land.

The other heroes showed up to retrieve the “kidnapped princess.” Myne tried to manipulate all parties but negotiations broke down as Shield Hero shed light on the potential plot that Myne almost certainly confirmed by jeopardizing Melty’s safety. Motoyasu’s love for Filo was rejected with her new gloves. Melty has awesome magic and it’s super powerful!

Naofumi and his party left the other heroes to speculate by tossing them a rosary from The Three Heroes Church, who may behind this entire conspiracy against him. Raphtalia might have found another rival in Melty and the Queen requested to meet with the Shield Hero!

The plot thickens and there may be more questions than answers that came out of this episode. Luckily Shield Hero himself provided a place for everyone to process their thoughts:


The new opening sequence caught everyone's attention!























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