Exquisite Anime to Watch During Springtime

It's the perfect time to watch these beautiful spring themed anime!



Spring represents a time for rebirth, reevaluation and if you thought I was going to say Re:Zero, you were relatively close. Spring is currently blooming into headspaces, outfits, weekend plans, and nasal passages.



Those weekend plans sometimes combine with intense allergies and if you’re anything like my brother who can’t leave the house without a face mask, goggles, and large doses of allergy meds, those weekend plans may turn into weekend anime binges. Luckily there is enough spring themed anime to enjoy within the safety of your home. This is every show you should watch to enjoy this beautiful cherry blossom season.

Ouran High School Host Club


I rewatch this show every time the seasons change and have done that every year since I first watched it, 13 years ago. The show follows Haruhi as she tries to endure the unexpected circumstances of having to join a host club and the shenanigans that come with it. The show can feel like an eternal spring with beauty at its maximum limit, heartbreakingly bewitching piano playing, confections as decadent as they come, and humor and fast wit breathing life into every scene.

Your lie in April


Speaking of heartbreakingly bewitching music, Your lie in April gives Ouran a run for its money as the show is entirely centered on music. The show pulls you into a captivating and sensory stimulating story that centers around a boy and a girl’s journey through music competitions and their views on music and life itself.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero

This show fully immerses you in spring itself. The show follows magical girls as they fight against invading creatures from another world but that world comes to them and it’s jaw droppingly gorgeous.


This show is highly underrated. The anime follows a young professional shogi player that is burdened with deep loneliness until he becomes closer to three sisters. The power behind the show is its unapologetic display of life. Life can be messy, frustrating, and exhausting but parts of it can heal even those who’ve felt unbelievable pain. It fluctuates in its intensity in a raw fashion and shows all of the ways true growth can be reflected on screen.

Cardcaptor Sakura

This magical girl show is an absolute classic. The show follows Sakura as she begins her mission to collect magical cards and along the way she deepens her friendship with her friends and family. Watching it is as refreshing as a brisk but sunny spring morning with the endless possibilities of what you could do for the day right in front of you.

Springtime anime is such a great way to cleanse your palate and renew your love for anime itself. Enjoy and happy spring! 




What did you think? What spring themed anime do you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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