OPINION: Which 'Game of Thrones' House Would the 'My Hero Academia' Cast Fight For?

Who do you think Class 1A would fight with in 'Game of Thrones'? I broke down my ideas.

Global phenomenon Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday, and in the final battle for Westeros, each warring house will need all the help they can get to survive both White Walkers and each other.


They may have dragons and giants fighting on their side, but imagine if they had the added firepower of Quirks from My Hero Academia.


As powerful as each house is in their own right, having someone with a Quirk on their team would certainly make them forces to be reckoned with.


But which of the Great Houses would each UA student in Class 1A fight for? Who would align themselves with the cold-hardened House Stark, the fiery Targaryen, or the cunning and wealthy Lannisters?



 We’re narrowing down which banner our Quirky heroes would ride under and why. 






Izuku Midoriya- Our favorite hero-in-training would most certainly align himself with the protagonists of Game of Thrones. With the Starks leading the charge against an invasion of the dead, it’s only natural that Deku would be on the side of saving the world.

Ochako Uraraka- Ochaco strives to become a hero in order to help her parents live a comfortable life and not have to worry about money. And if there’s one thing that the Starks value above all else, it’s family. Just as the Starks stand together against any threat, Ochako would definitely be at the ready to fly under a Direwolf banner.

Koji Koda- Most of the Stark children fought with loyal Direwolves at their side. Koji’s love for animals would be a great help to coordinate more strategic tactics involving the likes of Jon Snow’s wolf, Ghost.





Minoru Mineta- The diaper grape boy that you love to hate is lewd, crude, and would much rather avoid a fight, especially a battle for the soul of Westeros. Mineta certainly wouldn’t be above fighting for a paycheck, and as flush as the Lannisters are, it’s easy to see where his alliances would lie if he had to choose.

Yuga Aoyama- There are several things that the Lannisters are guilty of, with pride and narcissism being among their worst habits. Yuga often professes a very high, almost haughty opinion of himself. If anything, he’d probably get along with Cersei pretty well.





Momo Yaoyorozu- As one of the more sophisticated and intelligent members of Class 1A, Momo would've been right at home with House Tyrell before they were defeated in the war. Once known for their vast army and flaunting their wealth lavishly, her Quirk of Creation would have undoubtedly been an enormous asset in arming the Tyrells for battle.


Shoto Todoroki- The icy-hot prodigy of Class 1A knows how to keep his cool in a fight. When the Tyrells were active, they enacted cunning strategy and power plays that saw the assassination of Westeros’ boy king, Joffrey. It’s that kind of bold, yet thoughtful planning that make Shoto the perfect fit for “growing strong.”

Shoji Mezo- Despite his startling appearance, Shoji is a kind-hearted hero-in-training who knows when to pick a fight. He isn’t unlike the late Margaery Tyrell, who played her opponents with finesse while appealing to the people when she sat the throne.

Mashirao Ojiro- Dignified and calm, Ojiro’s skills would;ve be best put to use with the Tyrells, who often tried to settle their disputes with diplomacy.

Mina Ashido- The Tyrells were known for flaunting their wealth lavishly with formal and fancy clothing. As the most fashion-sensible hero in Class 1A, Mina would’ve enjoyed a life in Highgarden.




Katsuki Bakugou- The hot-headed, short-tempered Bakugou would fit right into House Targaryen. What Daenerys can’t resolve with diplomacy, she usually solves with her dragons’ fire breath, and that’s just how Katsuki likes it.


Hanta Sero- Just as Daenerys likes to show off the strength of her dragons, Hanta enjoys showing off his Tape Quirk to everyone. And with the Mother of Dragons’ promise to break the wheel of oppression, Hanta would definitely help the Targaryen cause.

Fumikage Tokoyami- Fumikage with his Dark Shadow is not unlike Daenerys and her dragon children. Both of them use their partners in battle, and they even have their own temperament to each of them. Let’s just hope that Dark Shadow and Drogon never get out of line.





Kyoka Jirou- Kyoka takes absolutely no nonsense from anyone, and isn’t afraid to punish those that she finds irritating. As forthright and stoic as she is, she’s possibly the only student in Class 1A who could brave the harsh and abrasive members of House Greyjoy.





Tenya Iida- Stannis Baratheon was a man of principle who played strictly by the rules to achieve his means, for better or worse. As the student council president, Iida also goes by the book in anything he does with his fellow students. His strategic and strict fighting style isn’t quite far off.

Eijiro Kirishima- The bannermen of House Baratheon are stacked, burly, and built like tanks. This is exactly the kind of Westeros house that Eijiro thrives in. Connoisseur of all things manly, he would easily settle under the stag banner.

Rikido Sato- The only thing that the Baratheons excel at more than sheer strength is eating, if the late Robert Baratheon is any indication. Rikido would adjust well to baking for his fellow bannermen to fuel up for any battle.




Asui Tsuyu- The Tullys are native to the Riverlands of Westeros, which is where Tsuyu thrives. As their house words are “Family, Duty, Honor,” wholesome family girl “Froppy” would be down with the Tully cause.

The Faceless Men

Toru Hagakure- The Faceless Men aren’t a house. They have no alliance, no banner, and above all, are invisible to everybody. Toru may not be a killer like most of these assassins, but as a faceless person, she'd excel.

There's plenty of magic and mythical creatures at the forefront in the infamous game of thrones, but it's plain to see that if they had the power of Quirks on their side, the battle would be even bigger.

What other 'My Hero Academia' heroes would you want to see in 'Game of Thrones?" Are you going to watch the season premiere? Let us know in the comments!


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