Shield Hero Fans Can’t Stop Crying Over Raphtalia’s Episode

You're gonna need a tissue and a hug after this one. *SPOILERS CONTAINED*





If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.


raphtalia confronting


Oof! So this week’s episode picked up where last week’s cliffhanger left off: Raphtalia confronting her past. The lord that caused pain to many demi-humans begged for mercy and Naofumi asked Raphtalia if killing him would bring closure. Ultimately she didn’t intentionally nor initially kill him as proof to her growth and ultimate higher ground above him but karma got the best of him and he flew out a window.

raphtalia torture

The party went with Raphtalia to see the old chambers in which she was enslaved and tortured in along with the rest of the demi-humans in her village. Raphtalia initially brought up the spirits of the villagers after the first Wave, wished to help everyone smile, and kept in mind her father’s sentiment to smile especially through the hardest of times. Her friend, Rifana-chan tried her hardest to keep with the sentiment and it was revealed that she confessed to wanting to meet the Shield Hero one day and hopefully become his wife. Raphtalia was sent off to the slave merchant, leaving Rifana-chan behind.

Within their search through the chambers, they were able to help survivors! Melty showed more of her magic. Eventually the party came across Keel-kun, a friend of Raphtalia, who helped to relieve Raphtalia’s intense regret for not having been strong enough to protect everyone and having left.


raphtalia tears


Raphtalia also saw what came of Rifana-chan and mourned with heavy regret weighing on her shoulders until Naofumi reminded Raphtalia of all of the positive effects she’s had on the people around her. She was reminded of her strength and had closure with Rifana-chan.

The demi-human loathing lord not only somehow survived but also let a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex type beast loose into the world. The T-Rex showed off the power of karma.

Oof! That was a quite a tears inducing episode but super satisfying. Shield Hero himself provided a place to process all of it:
























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raphtalia smile


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