What Are the Most Popular Anime on Crunchyroll This Week? - Week Ending April 14th

Crunchyroll’s team shares the inside data on what anime fans watch the most!

Many of you ask: what’s the most popular anime right now? You might have a good guessmaybe you’re seeing a ton of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on your Twitter feed or noticed that My Hero Academia and Mob Psycho 100 dominate Tumblr’s “Fandometrics” rankingsbut it’s hard to really know. That is, unless you ask the biggest anime community in the world!

Crunchyroll has more than 45 million users around the globe, with subscribers watching over an hour of anime goodness every day on average. And we’ve worked with our data team to get the stats for you to answer: which anime were the most popular this last week? This is the first of a new type of article we’re trying out around viewership dataplease let us know if you like it in the comments!

Crunchyroll is available in over 200 countries and territories, but which country has the most dedicated subscribers? For this chart, we looked at the countries with the highest video views per premium user. Here’s your look at the countries with the most engaged users for the week ending April 14th:

Top 10 Countries Most Consumed by User - April 14

Uruguay, Portugal, and the Philippines claim the top slots, but the list is more-or-less the same as the previous week, with one notable addition: Belgium squeezed into the #10 slot!

Every week we’ll also be sharing the top ten most popular anime of a specific country, and this week, Belgium gets double the attention. The charming European country is home to the headquarters of the EU and NATO, as well as an incredible anime community. Here are our Belgian fans’ favorite anime for the week ending April 14th, listed alphabetically:

Crunchyroll Top Titles by Country - Belgium - April 14

As you’ll see shortly, the Belgian list is fairly similar to what Crunchyroll fans worldwide are watching, with a few notable additions. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s staying power in the land of the world’s best waffles is strong, and both Re:ZERO and FRANXX have maintained strong Belgian fan bases seasons far beyond their respective season finales.

However, the anime to the list that I’m most intrigued by is Ace of the Diamond, affectionately known by fans as “Daiya”. Having just returned from a three-year break (Game of Thrones fans, you don’t know this kind of suffering!), Belgians are re-watching the first 50+ episodes of the beloved baseball anime in droves to emotionally prepare themselves for Seido High School Baseball Club’s fall season. This is interesting to me, since baseball’s not particularly popular in Belgium, so for a series about Japanese baseball to be one of the top shows in the country says a lot the quality of Daiya to capture excitement

Now for the list you’ve all been waiting for: the most popular anime on Crunchyroll overall, sorted alphabetically!

Crunchyroll Top 20 Total Titles - Week Ending April 14

While some of the bellweathers of anime like Boruto, JoJo’s, and Dragon Ball are no surprise, it’s always fun to see new favorites like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime make the list! Three new series made their way onto the list this week: Bungo Stray Dogs, Demon Slayer: Kimestsu no Yaiba, and THE PROMISED NEVERLAND. The first two make sensetheir new seasons just started up, after all - but THE PROMISED NEVERLAND finished airing new episodes just more than two weeks ago. This makes sense to me: the series is an unbelievably good binge show, with suspenseful cliffhangers at the end of each episode. I could barely stand to wait a full seven days between episodes, and it seems that many Crunchyroll users felt the same way.

We’ll be sharing these kinds of statistics with you all on a more regular basis going forward, so please look forward to them, and let us know in the comments what other information you may be interested in seeing!

For those of you who want links to the series on the top 20 list, you can find them here:


Correction 4/18: Updated the name of Tumblr's fandom blog to its actual name, "Fandometrics".

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