Who Will Become Black Clover’s Next Wizard King?

Last week, we asked you to vote for your future Wizard King. See who moved on to the finals and vote for your candidate!


The road to becoming the Wizard King continues to be a super exciting journey. Last week, we asked everyone to vote for their picks for the next Wizard King. Who made it to the FINAL round?


charmy wizard king


You won’t believe who made it to the final round. These are the results!


black clover bracket week 4


The rivalry between Yuno and Asta won’t be facing off this time around. If that seems unbelievable, just know that we were surprised too. Below are the poll results:


yami yuno


Hopefully Yuno is enjoying an after battle dessert.

yuno cake

It’s a fight between the dimension slashing Black Bulls captain, Yami, and the screaming shining star of the Black Bulls, Asta. Who will surpass their limits?

You get to decide! Vote in our poll in order to help your favorite move on to be named the next Wizard King!!

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The final results will be announced next Tuesday. Vote now, keep an eye out for the results, and watch Black Clover every Tuesday!


wizard king excited


Cast your vote and let us know who you voted for in the comments section below!


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