Shield Hero Fans Bow Down to the Filolial Queen

Last week’s episode sent everyone on an emotional rollercoaster. This week, we meet someone special. Are they friend or foe? *SPOILERS CONTAINED*





If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.




Oof! This week’s episode picked up with a gigantic T-Rex monster on the loose. The Shield Hero party left the demi-human kids and Keel-kun with Van and his very loud supporters. Melty saw that the monster was after Filo and the party fled the town. Despite the party’s combined forces, nothing seemed to do any damage. Before Naofumi could pull his trump card, he was stopped by a mysterious voice.


filolial queen


The Filolial Queen named Fitoria arrived with a very impressive entrance! She defeated the T-Rex monster with ease and invited the party to talk. She warned against taking part of the enemy corpse and using the Rage Shield. They were teleported in a carriage to the supposed ruins in which the first heroes fought the Waves that acts as a filolial sanctuary. The party made dinner and even had to feed the filolials!


kfc shield hero


Fitoria is centuries old and looks similar to Filo in her non-human form because they’ve both been raised by a hero. Fitoria wasn’t happy to hear of Naofumi’s issues with the other heroes and told him to talk it out as there are other countries that also experience the Waves. Naofumi expressed that talking might not be possible anymore. Fitoria proceeded to declare that for the sake of the world, she must kill the Four Cardinal Heroes.


On the flipside, the Bow and Sword Hero parties went to investigate Naofumi’s hint of conspiracy much to Myne's dismay.

We got a lot of action and information out of this episode! Luckily Shield Hero himself provided a place for everyone to process their thoughts:



Bow down! 












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