Shield Hero Fans Rejoice As Naofumi FINALLY Gets to Upgrade His Party!

Naofumi FINALLY got his name cleared and the truth was revealed, but what will happen this week?

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Come one, come all, for it's that time you've been waiting for every week: Shield Hero time! If you haven't watched this week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes from these spoilers!



New Four Heroes Church Crest

Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo kick off this episode by arriving at the newly changed the Four Heroes Church; not only does it have a spiffy new crest that includes the mighty Shield, but now the BEST TEAM can finally upgrade their classes! It was about time, really! But... something's up. Raphtalia and Filo were unable to choose their preferred class. What's going on here?


Sad Filo in snow


Yes, they were succesfully able to upgrade the classes, but they couldn't choose the one they wanted. That's kind of a buzzkill after FINALLY being able to upgrade! According to our fierce Queen, some special items can affect the whole class upgrade process, locking them into specific classes, even if it's not the class they wanted. For Filo, that probably means that cute cowlick she got from Fitoria.


Like mom like daughter!


When the Queen heard the name "Fitoria", her eyes shone like stars! Could it be... she also loves Filolials like Melty? YUP! They both share an inmense love for our adorable feathered friends! Melty told her awestruck mom the details about Fitoria: her size, to her feathers, and even that she rode Fitoria in her majestic bird form. I hope Fitoria is ready for a visit from another member of the Royal Family!


Party time


But enough of that, why did the Queen suddenly call them over to the castle? Remember that celebration they talked about, but Naofumi wouldn't go to it? It's happening on that very night. A disgruntled Naofumi complains, but the party is all but a front; there's something important that the Queen has to tell all four Heroes. What could it possibly be?




Our team has no choice but to get ready for these... "festivities". But not before Naofumi plants a new seed of worry! He apologized for the whole class upgrade fiasco; he just wanted them to choose their upgrades freely so they'd be okay after he's gone. After he's..."gone"? That's definitely not what Raphtalia and Filo want! What's going to happen when that time comes? Hopefully this party will be actually be fun so they can ease their worries about what he said. And hopefully this "party" will be as painless as possible for Naofumi... one can only hope!


together again!


Melty rejoins the BEST TEAM for the duration of the party, YAY! Naofumi's off with the other Heroes for their vital discussion with the Queen... but wait, who's that?! 


Oh dear... It seems like the disgraced ex-princess is up to no good! No worries, though, Melty's on the case! 


can you NOT


As if that twist wasn't enough, a drunkard has made his way to the table and has chosen to be a total pig towards Raphtalia. Seriously, CAN YOU NOT?! He made himself known as one of Itsuki's cronies, and he declared that as long as they have him, they don't need any OTHER heroes. Is this guy for real? He's not making any friends at this party, that's for sure!



To make matters worse, this guy made the terrible mistake of calling the Shield Hero a coward. Raphtalia has had ENOUGH, and now she's ready to throw down! I guess that's one way of spicing up the party.



With all the commotion going on... oh look, it's the disgraced ex-princess skulking about in the food prep area. Of course she'd try to have her revenge by trying to poison the Shield Hero team. NOT TODAY! Unfortunately for her, she got caught red-handed by the great Melty! 


Come on, play nice!


MEANWHILE, the four Cardinal Heroes are once again reunited, and... yeah, it doesn't look like they're BFFs yet. Naofumi once again reflects on Fitoria's words, and decides that it's time to clear the air with them so the Waves will be easier to take care of. The Queen starts the conversation with wanting to make it up to the Heroes after that whole ugly situation with the Three Heroes Church. With the Cal Mira Archipelago activating soon, she wants them to reap the most benefits as they possibly can with the boosted XP they can all earn. Time for a leveling party!


Naofumi had no idea this was a thing, and he gets mocked for it by the Idio-, I mean, the Spear Hero.


she's at it again


Before they can get further into their discussion, word of Bitch's poisoning attempt reaches the Queen. Of course, the Spear Hero is quick to defend her, but what can ya do with someone who refuses to acknowledge what's going on and change for the better? 


But enough about her, let's get to the heart of the discussion!


stop fighting, you fools


The Queen finally lays out in the open that the constant infighting between Heroes has prevented them from leveling up as necessary to take care of the Waves. They wasted so much time bickering that they forgot what was truly important! The extra boost that they'll get in Cal Mira will fix that (what are the chances of THAT timing?), but they all need to play nice and exchange information to work and fight together as one.


Of course, the three freakin' Stooges (Sword, Spear and Bow) object to that! What the heck...they haven't learned anything, have they? Looks like they need a wake-up call.



If the three Hero Stooges don't cooperate, it could very well be the end for them; they'll pay with their lives! Y'all remember how easily they lost the battle at the last Wave while Naofumi had to carry their butts to survival? Well, there's the possibility they wouldn't live through the next one. They ALL need to rally up to take on the Waves, otherwise, not only will they likely die, but the world will pay for their negligence to team up properly.


Alright, so they finally decide to talk, but their first questions is where Naofumi got the "cheat shield" from... Dear LORD, nevermind, just tape their mouths shut so they never speak again!! All of this has been a culmunation of Naofumi's hard work, but they still called it a "cheat" item. Can you believe these guys?!



The other Heroes begin to relay what they know, like how to copy weapons, to easy crafting and even teleportation. This is something that Naofumi didn't even know; no one bothered to tell him about any of this! 


"I'll tell you the secret to growing stronger," says the Bow Hero. Okay, let's hear it! It's all about weapon rarity? But the Sword Hero notes that's a lie, and it's more about proficiency. Yet, apparently that's not right either? The Spear Hero says that it's actually about refinement and stats. These... are all different answers. And their help screens differ in information too! So it's apparent that each hero is working on a different system the second they were transported to this world. Will this info actually help out Naofumi? What a mess...



Bickering and fighting went on both in this meeting and in the party as well! Are folks able to come together to try and conquer the threats that the world is facing? From the looks of it, it's a lost cause! 


Thinking on all the different ways the other Heroes detailed on how they got around in this world, Naofumi reflected that maybe they weren't lying about it after all. And as soon as he thought that, the option to copy a wepon was unlocked for him! What luck! Time to go raid some shields at the shop! But one thing to remember: it looks like Naofumi's system is dependant on hearing details about how one does a particular skill, like the weapon copy. 


Shield Copy


Aww yeaahh, now the BEST TEAM is ready to level up lots in Cal Mira! Before they get to that, Raphtalia requests an important pit stop.




The remnants of Raphtalia's village lay bare for all to see, but the most touching act is that the remaining villagers buried the recovered bodies of their loved ones, including Rifana, to welcome them back home and ease their spirits to rest. It would be wonderful if this village could go back to how it used to be: happy and full of hopes and dreams.


In the midst of wondering whether he could do more to help, Naofumi runs into a random traveler asking about a village. Could this be a potential new member to the BEST TEAM? 




It's time to march on, but Raphtalia can't help but worry about how all of this will end. Will they conquer the Waves? Will Naofumi forever disappear when all of this is over? There's no way she'll let that happen! But Naofumi mentions that there's no way that he'll leave them behind, especially not with the other three Idiot Heroes around! But how much of that is the truth? Naofumi at some point has to go home to Japan, right? 


Our team finally make it to the pier, where there's only one ship at the dock ready to depart. OF COURSE, all the other Heroes took all the available rooms, leaving none for Naofumi and his crew... They sure love to hold grudges! Now Naofumi has to share a room with...


new friend!


Hey, it's that guy Naofumi met at Raphtalia's village! What are the chances of that? Will this guy be a friend or foe? Will he side with the other Three Hero Stooges or will he be a valuable ally to the Shield Hero Team? And how many levels will they all gain in Cal Mira? You'll have to wait until next week's episode to find that out!


But now's the best part of the week... YOUR reactions! Let's check out how y'all liked this week's Shield Hero episode:

















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