Raphtalia and Filo's Voice Actors Explore Their Shield Hero Relationship

Part 2 of the interview with Seto Asami and Rina Hidaka!

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

From The Rising of the Shield Hero

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The Rising of the Shield Hero is a currently airing popular TV anime series. In the second half of our interview, with Raphtalia voice actor Seto Asami and Filo voice actor Rina Hidaka, we’ll be focusing primarily on episodes 18 and 19, particularly in regards to the relationships between Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo.


Starting in Episode 18, the fight against the Pope begins.


Seto: From the very moment he first appeared, I just knew there was something going on with him (laughs).


Hidaka: That attack (Judgement) was foul play!


Seto: It was really strong. That’s the power of the believers of the Church of the Three Heroes, and for better or worse, it gives you a real sense of just how strong the power of belief is.


Hidaka: The Pope is strong too, but it reminded me of just how incredible Filo is. Before the first attack came she said, “Put a bunch of shields above us,” and tried to protect everyone. If she hadn’t realized, I’m not sure what would’ve happened to everyone.


Seto: It was very admirable of her to try to protect everyone.


Hidaka: Yes it was. Not just her own comrades, but she even tried to protect Motoyasu and his crew as well. It really made me think, what an amazing girl.


In the same episode (18) there’s also a fight with Motoyasu, but in Episode 19 the four heroes combine their powers.


Seto: In Episode 18 it was like, “Motoyasu, you again?” (laughs). Naofumi finally stepped up to open his heart and meet him halfway, and he starts attacking because of his ridiculous misunderstanding that Naofumi has killed Ren and Itsuki. Even though Naofumi even tried to confirm with him, “Did you see it with your own eyes?”


Hidaka: Motoyasu did say, “Ask your own heart.”


Seto & Hidaka: Like he has the right to say that! (laughs)


Hidaka: Motoyasu can really get on your nerves a lot, but there is a bit of a comedy element to it, so you can’t completely bring yourself to hate him.


Seto: In Episode 18 Filo sends him flying after all. And he screams, “Aah~!”


Hidaka: That was a line that [Makoto] Takahashi-san fussed over and recorded multiple versions of, so we were looking forward to seeing which one they ended up using in the anime.


Seto: It makes you look forward to seeing Motoyasu every time because you wonder what kind of performance Takahashi-san is going to give.


Hidaka: Motoyasu tends to get involved with Filo a lot, so I also look forward to it for that reason. I anticipate it every time like, what kind of interaction are they going to have, how is Filo going to beat him this time? (laughs) It was satisfying seeing Filo kick him and send him flying with all her might.


In Episode 19, Naofumi gets to unleash the anger he’s been living with up until now on Motoyasu and the other two heroes.


Hidaka: You get the impression that Motoyasu is hopeless just by looking at him, but the other two are relatively hopeless in certain aspects as well. For the moment they’re working together, but seeing the four of them interact makes you wonder if everyone really does feel sorry for the mistakes they made (laughs).


Seto: Ren is very hero-like, and yet there is something disappointing about him. Since we entered the second season there’s been moments when he’d listen to what Naofumi had to say, and it heightens your expectations now that they’re finally fighting together. But then seeing Naofumi make these good comebacks again him, you can’t entirely trust him yet.


Hidaka: Since the relationship between Naofumi and the other three heroes isn’t a straightforward one, I hope viewers will look forward to the types of interactions they’ll have from here on out.


Seto: You know, I’d like to try living like Motoyasu.


Hidaka: Huh? What are you talking about all of a sudden?!


What would living like Motoyasu be like?


Seto: The kind of living where, despite causing Naofumi an insane amount of grief, when he realizes he was wrong he’s able to easily switch gears and say, “Oh, so I was wrong.” Almost like the concept of pain is foreign to him.


Hidaka: True, he does force everyone around him to go along with what he’s doing, so I guess in a way you could call it a happy way of living life. I was surprised he never once thought he was in the wrong when he was the one who falsely accused Naofumi but then had the audacity to say, “You sure are unlucky, Naofumi, to have been falsely accused like this.”


Seto: Normally you’d feel guilty and remorseful for your actions. I think he’s pretty thickheaded. But I do feel like there are some times in life where that thickheadedness is crucial, I just wish he’d learn to differentiate a bit.


Hidaka: Being thickheaded makes things easier for him, but it’d be better if he were someone who could show others consideration.


Seto: It’s pretty complicated, isn’t it!


How is the current relationship between Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo?


Seto: With Melty added into their mix, I feel like there’s a greater sense that they’re a team than there was when it was just the three of them.


Hidaka: I now feel like Naofumi and Raphtalia are more mother-like and father-like. During Episode 7 at the hot spring, they had a relationship that was more like two sisters fighting over their father’s attention, but as the episodes progressed Naofumi and Raphtalia became more like a married couple and Filo has started to feel more like their daughter.


Seto: I also kind of feel like Raphtalia has matured. The most surprising thing was in Episode 14 where she warns Filo about her table manners. She got mad at Filo for her messy way of eating. It made me think, she’s really become an adult. But… I also thought, aren’t you getting a little too mad over this? (laughs)


Hidaka: It’s understandable though, it was someone else’s house after all. But, I do get the impression that Raphtalia has become more mature than she was before.


Seto: From Raphtalia’s point of view, Filo and Melty are both younger than she is, so maybe she wants to look after them.


Hidaka: She’s also finally speaking her mind to Naofumi.


Seto: Although she swore allegiance to Naofumi as his sword, lately Raphtalia has started to show a motherly side (laughs). The number of times she gets exasperated and says, “Naofumi, this wouldn’t happen if you weren’t so…” have also increased. But I really love the position where she’s at right now where she’s like, “I’m the closest one to Naofumi so I need to be the one to understand him the most.”


Hidaka: That might also be why she feels so uneasy about Naofumi trying to return to his original world. It’s painful seeing how lonely she acts when Naofumi hints at going home.


Seto: This journey can’t last forever, and the more happiness she feels now the more terrifying it becomes to lose that, I’m sure. Most likely, I’d guess that Filo feels the same way.


Could you tell us what episode or scene has left an impression on you?


Hidaka: Most recently, in Episode 16 the battle with the Tyrant Dragon Rex was just so amazing. The way Raphtalia ran forward had so much impact and realism it felt like I was watching a film version. It made me worry that the animation staff were overworking themselves.


Seto: I think this every time, but the visuals in Shield Hero are beautiful. The battle scenes are impactful, the girls are adorable, it’s just really fun to watch.


Hidaka: Raphtalia and Filo will continue to get stronger from here on out, so I think their battle styles will change again. I’m looking forward to how that will be depicted on screen.


Seto: This is off topic of the story, but I love the ending song for the second season. [Chiai] Fujikawa-san’s song and the animation are amazing. The screen changes almost like it’s a picture show with drama in it. After continuously fighting, they need money so everyone is selling things, but it looks almost like Naofumi is saying, “People won’t come because they’re intimidated by my appearance,” so he sleeps inside the carriage. That’s the kind of story I picture. I watch it every time thinking, the warmth from this song and these visuals are amazing.


Hidaka: Raphtalia is really cute in it too. It makes your heart squeeze looking at her.


Seto: The rain is falling when she’s in front of the flower shop and suddenly you think the rain has stopped but it’s actually Naofumi using his cloak. That scene really makes your heart squeeze.


Hidaka: The opening by MADKID is also really cool, the visuals are fast-paced, I’ve watched it so many times. Shield Hero really has amazing music and visuals, which makes me really happy as someone who is acting in it.


The story has finally reached its climax, but can you tell us anything of note that happens from Episode 20 onward?


Seto: Something I think everyone is interested in is the mysterious character that appears in the new opening. In the future they will, of course, be heavily involved with Naofumi and his gang, so I hope everyone looks forward to what kind of character they’ll be.


Hidaka: This character takes a completely different position from those you’ve seen up until now, so the way they interact with Naofumi is also completely different. I hope you’ll all look forward to seeing them!


Interview / Article by Daisuke Iwakura


Staff: Original - Yusagi Aneko (MF Books The Rising of the Shield Hero / Published by KADOKAWA) / Original Artist - Seira Minami / Director - Takao Abo / Series Composition - Keigo Koyanagi / Character Design & Chief Animation Director - Masahiro Suwa / Animation Production - Cinema Citrus / Cast - Kaito Ishikawa as Naofumi Iwatani / Asami Seto as Raphtalia / Rina Hidaka as Filo / Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Ren Amaki / Makoto Takahashi as Motoyasu Kitamura / Yoshitaka Yamaya as Itsuki Kawasumi / Maaya Uchida as Melty


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