Anime Voice Actors Light Up the Stage in Dazzling Live Disney Concert

Disney Prince of Voices event featured Takuya Eguchi, Natsuki Hanae, and more

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Disney Prince of Voices

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Disney Koe no Oujisama is an album series featuring covers of famous songs by an extravagant cast. The first live event of the series, Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Live 2019, was performed at the Makuhari Messe (in Chiba’s Mihama-ku) on June 9, 2019. It was a highly anticipated event with tickets sold out the first day! We’re going to share details about the evening including information on the extravagant cast that was announced for the series’s newest addition.


A Report on the Evening Performance

The event began with the performance of "Try Everything" (from the movie Zootopia)! With Yuto Uemura and Takuya Eguchi entering the stage from the right and Kensho Ono and Daiki Yamashita entering from the left, both pairs rode in on rail cars. This put guests in close proximity as the voice actors passed by, elating fans as the event commenced.


The event center instantly came to life when Kaito Ishikawa came on stage amidst blazing flames performing "I Wanna Be Like You" (from the movie Jungle Book). Singing "Hakuna Matata" (from The Lion King), Tasuku Hatanaka seemed to be having a fun time while dancing along light-heartedly and twirling around with the dancers on stage.


The audience was swept away when Natsuki Hanae appeared next, singing "Part of Your World" (from the movie The Little Mermaid) in a cute and carefree tone of voice. There was a sense of unity afterward when Takuya Eguchi sang "Under the Sea" (also from The Little Mermaid) in chorus with the audience.


Following that was a performance by Ishikawa, Hatanaka, Wataru Hatano and Hanae of a song not included in the compilation CD, "Kiss the Girl" (from The Little Mermaid). Fans went wild with excitement as the four voice actors blew kisses at them every time the line “Kiss the girl” came up. At the end of the song Hanae adorably begged, “Won’t you kiss me?” which elicited squeals from the crowd.


Satoshi Hino gave his rendition of Be Our Guest" (from the movie Beauty and the Beast) in the middle of the stage beneath a chandelier doing a light dance as if taking part at a fun party. Following that, Takuya Sato danced elegantly with his two back-up dancers as he sang his serene rendition of "Beauty and the Beast."


Next was Shunsuke Takeuchi with "Friend Like Me" (from the movie Aladdin). The Genie’s song combines both power and comedy, and Takeuchi's voice magnificently utilized these aspects and expressed them. His astounding talent as a performer wowed the audience, which erupted into cheers and applause. Uemura was bathed in moonlight, almost as if in a fairytale, and mesmerized the crowd with his graceful cover of "A Whole New World" (from Aladdin).


Tomoaki Maeno sang "Go the Distance" (from the movie Hercules) as he sat in the middle of the stage on a chair, but looked truly poetic when he stood in the midst of his performance with his cape fluttering around him. Afterward Sato, Takeuchi and Hino sang another song not included on the CD, "Zero to Hero" (from Hercules). The three drove up the tension of the audience, which erupted noisily when Maeno pointed his finger out at them.


Hanato skillfully performed both the roles of Sully and Mike in his rendition of "If I Didn’t Have You" (from the movie Monsters Inc.). His Mike pose was so adorable that voices in the crowd reflexively murmured, “So cute…!” Following that Ono appeared with a cute dance in his performance of "When She Loved Me" (from the movie Toy Story 2), softening the mood of the crowd. Yamashita gave a light, pop-style dance as he regaled the audience with his portrayal of "Remember Me" (from the movie Coco).


Near the end of the event, the performers came out in white tuxedos with sparkling sequins and all twelve of them sang a song not released on the CD, "When You Wish Upon A Star." It was a magnificent performance with star-shaped cards that came fluttering down in the midst of the song.


Blu-Ray Release Confirmed!

A Blu-ray release, with compiled footage from the evening performance, has been confirmed. For the first-run limited edition, a CD will be included alongside the Blu-ray, including four new tracks that were only just revealed during the stage performance. Make sure you don’t miss this, the Blu-ray releases on November 22nd 2019!


Finally, the event came to a close with the whole cast’s performance of "Mickey Mouse March." The twelve filed a line in the middle of the stage and moved around as if they were truly marching, in such cute and adorable choreography that you couldn’t take your eyes off them! Please be sure to purchase and check out the Blu-ray of their incredible performances!


New Information!

1Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Selection 2 has been confirmed for release on September 25, 2019!


2Koe no Oujisama will begin a live tour of Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Live 2020 in July/August of 2020.


312 new cast members announced!

Shintaro Asanuma

Kohei Amasaki

Subaru Kimura

Shinnosuke Tachibana

Makoto Furukawa

Toshiki Masuda

Taku Yashiro

Yoshitaka Yamaya

Yoshihiko Aramaki

Ren Ozawa

Akira Takano

Shohei Hashimoto


The announcements were so extravagant that the crowd cheered endlessly. Fans can now eagerly anticipate the new CD with its brand new cast as well as the upcoming live tour! But let’s keep our eyes open for further news!


Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Live 2019 - Performance Overview

Performance Name: Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Live 2019

Date: June 9th 2019

Venue: Makuhari Messe (in Chiba’s Mihama-ku)


Kaito Ishikawa

Yuto Uemura ※上の表記を修正

Takuya Eguchi

Kensho Ono

Takuya Sato

Syunsuke Takeuchi

Tasuku Hatanaka

Wataru Hatano

Natsuki Hanae

Satoshi Hino

Tomoaki Maeno

Daiki Yamashita


Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts. ©Disney

Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Live 2019 Official Website

Disney Koe no Oujisama Voice Stars Dream Live 2019 Official Twitter


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