Fans Celebrate the Shield Hero Finale with Over 30,000 Messages of Support

With new allies turned enemies, how will this Wave battle end in the season finale of The Rising of the Shield Hero?!

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It's time that time, y'all... You didn't want it to end, but the season finale of The Rising of the Shield Hero is here. It's tough to say goodbye, but all good things must come to an end... Needless to say, let's get to that Shield Hero time once more and let's go out with a bang! If you haven't watched this week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes from these spoilers!



Glass vs. Naofumi


Last week's episode went straight to the opening, and this week's didn't even HAVE an opening; there's just so much going, we've got no time for that catchy tune! Naofumi is facing off against Glass, but unlike last time, it looks like Naofumi has the upper hand here. Glass seems to think that the only Shield capable of harming her is the Wrath Shield, but... she's completely wrong about that assumption.



Once Naofumi summons the Soul Eater Shield, Glass immediately falls back out of its range, which is pretty weird. Why did Glass back away? Does this mean that without SP, her attacks won't scratch Naofumi? There's something else going on with that, and it's a huge key to Naofumi's victory in this fight! 


Therese coming in with the assist


But before Naofumi can do anything about it, Therese slips in and assists Glass with a combo skills. Huh, so they can use them too?! That miiiight be a problem! However, Naofumi was able to protect himself and the rest of his team in his powered up Shield Prison. Okay, I take back what I said; Naofumi can totally handle combo skills!



Glass admits that she's didn't truly know all there was to know about the Shield Hero, meaning that the BEST TEAM is a huge problem to these Heroes from yet another world. That leveling spree over at Cal Mira truly ended up being a huge boon to Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo! But what's the deal with Glass' reaction to the Soul Eater Shield? It's only supposed to deplete the target's SP, but it kinda looks like it might hurt her? Alright, some testing is in order here.




Naofumi decides to take on Glass by himself to confirm his suspicions, so that in the end, he won't have to rely on the Wrath Shield that might cost him his life. Before this heated battles continues, Naofumi asks Glass one thing: is she also a Hero from another world like L'Arc and Therese? She confirms by saying that she's also a "Vassal Wielder," the Fan Hero. The... "Vassal Wielder"? Just how different are these worlds that they're from? As one question gets answered, more questions seem to sprout up!



Okay, but I'm worried about the rest of the Shield Hero team. L'Arc and Therese are very strong... How is the rest of the BEST TEAM doing? Why, they're kicking ass and taking names as they hold their own against L'Arc and Therese! Phew, there was no need to worry after all!



Alright, back to Naofumi and Glass as they go toe to toe. Glass is lacking her confidence that she displayed when we first saw her, so it's time to test Naofumi's theory of the Soul Eater Shield. Once he uses it... it severely harms Glass! For anyone else, this particular Shield would only drain their SP, but for Glass, it looks like it drains away at her life force. Bingo, this is the ticket Naofumi needs to triumph over Glass! The effect the Shield has on her is interesting though; why did it drain her life force? Is she not human? My goodness, the questions, they just keep on coming!


Fierce hero


There's no time to think about that, because Naofumi is so close to defeating Glass and ending this Wave! But Naofumi doesn't want to engage in needless bloodshed; if Glass, L'Arc and Therese leave, the Wave is over, right? However, Glass is having none of that. She intends to fight until she cannot fight anymore; a fight to the death! She'll keep on going for the sake of the world she holds dear. Does Naofumi feel the same for the world he's fighting to protect?


Looking for a reason


Why has Naofumi been fighting all this time? He got summoned to this world and went through a lot of hardships, and pretty much had most of the world hating on him. Why is he fighting to protect such a world? Glass has a lot of love and devotion for her own world, but the same can't be said of Naofumi. As he's witnessing Glass' determination and unshakeable devotion to protecting her world, Naofumi stumbles on his thoughts on what's the right action to take here.


best girl


Where Naofumi is wavering, Raphtalia is resolute, ready to strike down anything in her path! She reminds Naofumi that she's the Shield Hero's Sword, and she will not allow any more atrocities happen in this world. This is a wake-up call for Naofumi, and he answers it by pushing Glass back further until she cannot attack anymore. 




Our fierce Queen watches on, wanting to join in the battle, but not knowing how to turn the tides in the Shield Team's favor, until...



Alright, what exactly is our fierce Queen going to do with those barrels? What cunning plan does she have cooked up?


time limit


There's less than 3 minutes before the Wave ends, meaning that Glass, L'Arc and Therese will have to retreat. It's go big or go home time! Glass vows to end it all in the next move, which is not a great sign for the Shield Hero team.


he protecc


Despite Raphtalia's complaints, Naofumi takes out the Wrath Shield. It seems like he has finally found his answer to the big question: why protect this world? Sure, this world has been harsh towards Naofumi as he tried his best to protect it from harm, but this world has people he cares about, people that made this journey worth it for Naofumi. As long as this world has Raphtalia, Filo and Melty, for Naofumi, this world is worth protecting!



Not so fast! Did you really think he was going to use the Wrath Shield? Nah, it's time for Glass to get drunk off these luchol berries! Apparently, she doesn't have as high tolerance for them as Naofumi does; she slumps to the floor trying to fight off the berries' effect.



Unfortunately for Glass, L'Arc and Therese, this marks the end of the battle and the end of this Wave. With less than 1 minute left, there's not much they can do to regroup and take the advantage. They vow to return and finish the job at the next Wave. My question is... with the Wave over, what exactly happens to that other world? It was an inconclusive battle, but not defeating the Shield, Spear, Sword and Bow Heroes of this world counts as a loss, right? Will the Wave monsters continue to ravage that world until they can travel back and attempt to defeat the Heroes once more? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!


time to relax


And so the Wave ends... with like almost NO HELP from the other three hero stooges! Seriously, why were they even THERE?! Anyways, Naofumi and the BEST TEAM decided to take it easy and relax for awhile despite the Cal Mira experience boost still being in effect. After all, it's not like it's them who desperately need the levels... Are you hearing me, three idiot Heroes?!




As Naofumi thinks on how to best prepare for the next Wave, he's reminded of Fitoria's words: "The heroes will be forced to choose what they fight for in that battle." So eventually, the choice of which world to sacrifice is going to be made... it's not an easy choice for either world, but what bothers me is that the world L'Arc and co. is from, they have all the details as to how the Waves works and their significance, yet in the world where Naofumi is, there are some very obvious big blanks as to why all of this is happening. 


pwease no buwwy


Despite all of this, the BEST TEAM will have to push on for what they believe in! But they really need to expand their party some, since Melty won't always be with them. And just as they talk about this, they run into Lecia, who was trying to... drown herself?! What the? She was formerly in the Bow Hero's party, but she got kicked out when she was falsely accused of breaking Itsuki's favorite accessory. That's it...? That's all it takes to get kicked out? Yikes.


welcome to the team!


Let's not forget that if it wasn't for Lecia, the previous Wave battle wouldn't have ended the way it did! So even though dumb Itsuki kicked her out, Naofumi knows the Lecia can become stronger and fight. With that, they've found their newest member! It's going to be a real treat to see her grow and prove the Bow Hero wrong!


a surprise comes your way!


After all that the BEST TEAM has done to triumph against the 3 Heroes Church and the huge help they were in the Cal Mira Wave battle, our fierce Queen is urging Naofumi to choose his reward. Now that he's found his reason to fight... the reward choice becomes crystal clear!


new base


They make way to Raphtalia's village once more, but this time, there's a huge difference. People are gathering around to rebuild the town to revive it and make it prosper. And with Naofumi as the region's lord, he'll see it to get that done! Besides, they're in need of a home base without running into two very unpleasant people all the time (y'all know how I'm talking about here). I know that this means we won't see much of Melty, but I hope she can still be part of the team every so often! 


pls no cry


Raphtalia's village was destroyed by a Wave, and choosing it as a base of operations as a symbol of resistance against the Waves speaks of Naofumi's new found determination to protect this world. But to Raphtalia, all this means is that he'll leave them one day to go back to his own world, which is something she doesn't want at all! 


Naofumi vows that this is just but the beginning. Meeting Raphtalia, Filo, Melty, and many others have helped make up his mind to fight for his friends (hello, Ike) and protect this world as the Shield Hero. This is the start of it all, and this is their home. The BEST TEAM can't come to an end here!

blushy Naofumi

Wow, look at that blush! Naofumi and Raphtalia get interrupted by Filo and... everyone?! Wow, way to ruin the moment! At least they got one smooch in.

Shield Flag

As the new shield emblem flag flies in the wind for all to see, so begins the Shield Hero's story! ...That means there's gotta be another season of this show, right? RIGHT?! After all, there are so many questions left to be answered, like the true significance of the waves, and whether the three hero stooges will EVER be useful. These are questions I NEED answers to! But alas... it is the end of The Rising of the Shield Hero for this season. Let's cross our fingers and hope  that there will be another one soon!


Alright, y'all know the drill here. The episode's over, and we wanna see what YOU thought about the season finale! Here's what y'all had to say:

















Before we wrap this up, we recently had a survey on the Crunchyroll home page asking fans to leave a message to the staff that worked so very hard to make this show possible! We received over 30,000 messages of support. Guys, that's INSANE. Here are some heartfelt thanks from Shield Hero Fans:


"Such an awesome show. Already can't wait for season two. Love the grittiness of the show. Having things go wrong and Sheild corrects the situation by sheer willpower. 10/10"

"The story and character developement of this series is my favorite of all the Isekai I've ever watched. Keep up the good work!"

"i want to see another season NOW-ofumi. Please laugh at my pun"

"Keep it up, one of the better anime's as of late."

"You guys did a wonderful job, one of my new favorites!"

"I think the anime is fantastic, it's really one of the first anime's i've watched where the protagonist ends up frenimies with the other protagonists. It's a really fantastic show."

"Raphtalia is life"

"Amazing work, honestly very original and enjoyable for the fact the main protagonist goes through so much turmoil, then slowly not just like in other shows were everything is solved no in this it takes time to clear his name as he reflects and develops as a character throughout the story. Please Please make a second season! if anything it was a honor to watch such a masterpiece. Thank you!"

"The show is really good and emphasis character development on the main characters and major theme through out the show is bomb"

"its litt"

"I wouldve never thought a shield hero could be so cool"

"I loved how it started out. As a black person I can definitely see myself in the main character. An underdog who is born into a world that is heavily prejudiced against him. I also love how this transforms him into more of a cold person rather than the very lighthearted person he used to be. Finally, MORE PLEASE!"

"thank you for an amazing journey"

until next time

Thank you for joining us every week with your love, energy and hype for this very special show! Keep that hype going on until there's another season announced! Until next time!


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