4 Anime Universes That Jason Voorhees Would Fit Perfectly In

Time to celebrate Friday the 13th with our favorite hockey mask enthusiast




It's Friday the 13th, which means that it's the birthday of Pamela Voorhees' favorite son, Jason. Now, we haven't seen a Friday the 13th film in over a decade (there's actually a legal battle where the original film's writer owns the original Friday the 13th story, but no one knows who "owns" the character of adult Jason. It's weird), and the last time we saw the big lug was in the much-better-than-expected Friday the 13th: The Game (Now available on the Switch, y'all). That said, the dude has left an unforgettable impact on the horror genre and so I've decided to celebrate his birthday in the most fitting of places: an anime website.




Why an anime website? Because Jason Voorhees would be an absolutely amazing anime character. And this isn't a subtle, yet desperate plea to get more "anime Jason" sketches on DeviantArt. I've actually run through a few anime series that would be a perfect home for the hockey mask-wearing fiend.


Dragon Ball Z



It's no secret that Jason Voorhees can take a ton of punishment. So much so that attempts to stop him in the earlier films look downright quaint now. Aww, you hit him in the shoulder with a machete in Part 2? That's cute. 


That's why he'd be such a cool match for Goku and the gang, because they're no strangers to that kind of physical damage. Heck, the fifth (THE FIFTH) episode of Dragon Ball Z ends with Goku dying with a huge hole blown through him. Now, Jason has survived similar circumstances, so I'd be all about an arc where Krillin and Yamcha have to hold off Jason while Goku does special Jason-focused training in the Underworld. And sure, that training would mostly consist of running and push-ups, but seeing Goku eventually go Super Saiyan against an immortal dude who lives by a campground lake would be so worth it. 


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure



In the world of JoJo's, some characters have Stands, which are manifestations of the user's energy. They're often super colorful and super weird and that makes them super wonderful. "But Daniel," you say, watching anime probably, "Jason doesn't have a Stand." Ah, but he does. You see, in the 2003 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture Freddy vs Jason (Don't look that up. Just trust me. I'm right), Jason is a very physical being that Freddy Kruger has latched himself to, using Jason's energy (and notoriety) to grow stronger. And a Stand that can attack you in your dreams sounds like the coolest thing ever. So Jason's Stand... is Freddy. 


Also, having an outlandish Stand like Freddy would mean that there's less pressure on Jason to fit in with the other dynamic characters of the JoJo's universe. Jason isn't really a master of vocabulary, so summoning a cackling, pun-spitting dream demon would be pretty beneficial.






After Part 4: The Final Chapter, Jason Voorhees can technically be considered an undead monster. And in Jason X, he gets a cybernetic upgrade to become Uber Jason. And that character "arc" makes him a perfect fit for the deck of Bandit Keith and his "associates." See, when we first meet Keith, he's hanging out with Bonz aka "Ghost" Kotsuzuka, a creepy dude with a deck full of zombie and ghost monsters. Keith, eventually realizing that Bonz is just the worst, beats him up and then heads to the Duelist Kingdom Finals, where he uses his Machine monsters to give Joey Wheeler a run for his money.


Zombie card with a machine upgrade? I don't think it's that big of a leap. I'd play Jason in Attack Mode and activate my trap card "Announcing The Sequel," which allows Jason to survive any attack that would've killed him and move onto the next turn/film.





As we see in Freddy vs Jason, Jason is definitely weak to Water types (He's afraid of water.) This trend also shows up in Jason Takes Manhattan, when he "drowns" in sewage. And considering that he spends so much time being buried in the earth and he has high physical defense stats, I'd say that he's definitely part Ground type. But he was particularly vulnerable to the attacks of the telekinetic (psychic) little girl in Part 7 and the manipulations of a kid in Part 4, which means that he's also probably a Poison type, too. So Jason is Poison/Ground. 


And what are his attacks? Well, he'd definitely know Slash, Recover, Body Slam, and Bulk Up. But for the most part, he fits in the Pokémon universe simply because he has so many well defined strengths and weaknesses against specific types. I doubt Ash Ketchum would want to hang out with him, though.


Overall, one of the reasons that Jason is such a longlasting horror figure because you can drop him in a bunch of different scenarios with relative ease. And doing stuff like this keeps him fresh in people's minds until Hollywood can muster up the courage to make a thirteenth Friday the 13th film, Friday the 13th: Ummm, Jason Again, I Guess.


Happy Friday the 13th! What anime would you like to see Jason Voorhees in? Let us know in the comments below!



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