Celebrating 20 Years of One Piece With YOUR Favorite Moments!

Today marks 20 years of the One Piece anime, and we reveal your favorite moments!

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It seems like just yesterday that Luffy and hit the high seas in search of the mysterious One Piece, aiming to become pirate king, and discovering a cast of memorable and amazing characters and enemies along the way. But it wasn’t yesterday: it was 20 years ago! Since that fateful day, many of us have literally grown up alongside the Straw Hat crew, memorizing “We Are”, laughing at the crew’s antics, crying during the dramatic parts, and cheering when we all know Luffy is about to go to that special place and absolutely demolish some dastardly villain’s plan. So to celebrate the anniversary of this amazing show, we listed what we thought were some of the greatest moments in One Piece’s history, but then we got curious… What were YOUR favorite moments? 

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As we posted about the upcoming anniversary on our social media pages, we asked you all to let us know what you thought were your favorite moments! We’ve collected a bevvy of amazing reply bounties here. So without any further delay, let’s see what you all listed as your favorite, most memorable, or otherwise key moments in the 20 years of One Piece
























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We have to say, you all have some pretty good taste; we don’t think there’s any scenes you all didn’t reply to us with! We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at what other fans selected as their favorite moments, and when One Piece turns 25, or even 30, we’ll be sure to be here with more celebrations and see if you all have changed your minds on what you thought was your favorite moment. Until then, keep sailing the Grand Line, and remember to keep your friends close, because the real One Piece is the friends we made along the way! 


What’s YOUR favorite One Piece moment or memory?  Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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