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You won’t believe what you’re not seeing when these 10 characters are around!

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to say goodbye to Halloween, but before we put away the spooky season decorations and get out the fall colors, we thought we’d finish our catalog of the best supernatural characters with a look at the easily forgotten: the invisible character! We’ve already talked about the best witches and vampires, and today we’re going to go over the top 10 invisible anime characters. That’s right: we decided to rank characters you generally can’t even see! Whether they’re characters who are born with the ability to turn invisible, are invisible by nature, or otherwise have some ability to go unseen and unnoticed, these characters have either one of the most useful or most tragic of supernatural flaws. But don’t worry, you won’t need to wrap them in bandages or makeup to see them: we’ve collected the 10 best in one place just for you! 

HONORABLE MENTION: See-Through The Invisible Man (Dragon Ball)

Much like our list of vampires, it seems a bit unfair to exclude this somewhat obscure Dragon Ball character from the list! Much like Dracula Man, the Invisible Man was a fighter under the employ of Baba who attempted to stop Goku from obtaining the Dragon Ball that he needed. See-Through’s invisible nature gives Yamcha a run for his money, but since many characters at the time didn’t have the ability to sense Ki, See-Through’s invisible nature would probably not amount to much these days. See-Through has a somewhat dubious honor of being subject to some creative censorship; initially defeated by being doused in blood from Master Roshi’s nosebleed, the dub of the show changed it to a sudden spray of tomato juice! Either way, See-Through is more famous for his bloody appearance than anything else, even appearing in 2 video games as such.

10) Invisible Girl (Interviews with Monster Girls)

the invisible Hasegawa!

Rounding out the bottom of our list is a character that appeared in the very last episode (and the very last scene!) of Interviews with Monster Girls: The Invisible Girl! While the other Demis in the series have fairly moderate differences from regular humans (such as Hikari’s fangs, or a separated head in the most extreme case of Kyoko), the invisible girl is quite literally that: invisible. Although not named in the anime, her name is Hasegawa Shouko, and since she’s invisible, she apparently just goes around school totally naked! While trying to interview her, Tetsuo attempts to “read” her face to get a better understanding of what she actually looks like, causing Hasegawa to run out of the room in embarrassment. There isn’t much else to say about Hasegawa, but hopefully if there’s ever a follow up season to Interviews with Monster Girls, we’ll get to “see” more of her!  

9) Golgius (The Seven Deadly Sins)

An antagonist hunting Meliodas, Golgius is a Holy Knight who uses his abilities for far more underhanded attacks and behavior than his name might initially suggest. Golgius isn’t always invisible, and instead uses a power he calls “Transparency” that allows him to hide from others when needed. Befitting for someone who sees invisibility as a way to take advantage of his opponents, Golgius himself is a fairly cocky and cruel man, as well as a bit of a coward. Rather than face battles head on, Golgius prefers to lay elaborate traps and plans that he can then use his invisibility powers to assist with, or in most cases simply as a safe and secure escape route when things don’t go his way. Sadly, his powers don’t make him TOTALLY unnoticeable, as it turns out that no matter how invisible you might be, you’ll never escape the sensitive and superior smelling powers of a pig!

8) Kobushi Kuroi (Tokyo ESP)


Like Golgius, Kobushi is another character who has the ability to turn herself invisible at will through her powers as an esper. Unlike Golgius, Kobushi is fairly confident in both her fighting and esper powers, using both in tandem to pursue a career as the famous thief Black Fist. Kobushi likely gets the Black Fist moniker from her appearance, but also from her fearsome abilities as a boxer! Although she will use her powers to go totally undetected, Kobushi has a somewhat interesting approach to using her invisibility, turning it “on” and “off” at will to confuse and confound her opponents during a brawl. Invisibility powers are often given to characters who tend to use them in cowardly ways or as ways to make them appear shy, so seeing someone brash and in your face about it is pretty refreshing, earning Kobushi a spot on our list; also, she wears a crown, which is just super adorable. 

7) Keena Soga (Demon King Daimao)

she hungers

When you think invisible characters, you likely don’t think boisterous personalities, but that’s exactly the combination you get with Keena! Having the ability to turn herself invisible and almost completely undetectable, including her mana, meaning that although her clothes and other items may remain visible, Kena can be quite capable of going totally undetected. Keena is a bit odd otherwise, with a much “louder” personality than other invisible characters, and also has a tendency to leap to crazy conclusions on her own that need to be corrected before they get out of hand. Most importantly, Keena loves to eat rice, and thinks the biggest way to solve all of the world’s problems would be if people just ate rice together! Although she can’t turn it invisible, she seems to be pretty skilled at hiding her trusty rice cooker from school authorities. A love for rice, invisibility powers, flight ability, and a spunky personality? Sounds like a real winner to us!

6) Absalom (One Piece)

See-through Absalom!

After eating the Clear-Clear Fruit, Absalom obtained the ability to turn himself and anything he touches invisible at whim, giving him truly fearsome abilities in combat when combined with his physical powers. As one of the main antagonists of the Thriller Bark arc, Absalom was not only in control of many of the zombies of the island, but also a fearsome combatant, making weapons and even an entire pirate ship invisible. Having been given physical augmentations by Dr. Hogback, Absalom was a fairly tough opponent for the Straw Hat Pirates to defeat, requiring a somewhat concerted effort between Sanji, Usopp, Robin and Nami to bring him down and uncover the secret to toppling his invisibility. Much like Golgius and See-Through, the Clear-Clear fruit user is susceptible to being tracked by sound and smell, as well as being covered in liquids or other materials to expose their true location. After being defeated, Absalom went on to become a reporter, popping up in random locations to grab the latest scoops.

5) Shizuka Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable)

invisible baby joestar

Having supernatural powers as an adult or adolescent seems difficult enough to manage, but what about as a baby? Since infants barely understand the world around them, having potentially dangerous powers seems like a bad combination, but what if that power was to turn invisible? For Shizuka Joestar, that’s actually the case! As a Stand user, Shizuka’s stand Achtung Baby allows her to remain invisible while calm, but changes that startle or surprise her causes the invisibility to expand to objects and people around her! More than that, simply moving away from Shizuka doesn’t put an end to the ability, meaning things she’s turned invisible will stay that way until she's calmed down.  Like other invisibility users, Shizuka has a weakness to being found by smell, which Joseph unfortunately discovers after she makes a mess in his hand. Shizuka isn’t a very influential member of the JoJo cast, being a baby, but she does make a surprising and important re-appearance later when she gets “borrowed” by Rohan during a fight. 

4) Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

senpai bunny girl

Unlike other invisible people on the list so far, Mai is one of the first to not want the “gift” of invisibility. Appearing totally invisible to everyone but Sakuta, Mai’s invisibility seems to be a manifestation of her issues with being seen as an actress, wishing to be in a world where no one knew who she was to escape the stress and anger she had towards the acting world she’d been involved in so far. Her wish seems to be granted through Adolescence Syndrome, with the side effect that it became nearly impossible for her to interact with anyone but Sakuta, with people around her starting to not only be unable to see her, but also forgetting that she existed! Although Sakuta eventually fixes Mai’s invisibility, she still earns a spot on our list as being one of the most memorable cases of invisibility in anime.

3) Akari Akaza (YuruYuri)


Weird, this entry is totally blank. We were pretty sure we had someone in the number three slot, but we can’t seem to find them. Guess we must have made a mistake!  

2) Meleoron (Hunter x Hunter)


A Chimera Ant, Meleoron has the unique ability to turn himself invisible naturally due to his chameleon-like nature, but can further become totally untraceable except by scent using his Nen ability “Perfect Plan”. While holding his breath, Meleoron becomes totally invisible to people’s abilities of sight, hearing, and even touch, and En users are unable to locate him as well. The two weaknessesthe requirement of holding his breath and still being detectable by smellmake this ability not quite invincible, but Meleoron can hold his breath for an impressive 2 minutes, meaning he can remain invisible for quite a long time! He’s also somewhat able to conceal his smell,but this isn’t infallible; Gon, Killua, Koala, and Meruem all were able to detect him at various times when not using his Nen ability. Meleoron can even extend his ability to other people through the secondary ability “God’s Accomplice”, and as long as the person remains in contact with him (and Meleoron holds his breath), the other person will remain undetectable as well; however, this ability has some conditions, as Meleoron seems to require the person’s name, be able to trust them, and have them agree to partner with him for the ability to be shared. All in all, Meleoron certainly makes for one of the most impressive invisibility users in the list!

1) Toru Hagakure (My Hero Academia)

best invisible girl

While many of the people on this list would fit well into “chaotic neutral” to “evil” alignments, there aren’t many invisible heroes… until Toru, that is! A member of Class 1-A, Toru’s Quirk renders her entire body invisible, meaning that she can only be identified or located through things she touches or wears; no one even knows what she looks like, as she’s never been “visible” in any sense of the word, and jokingly says her appearance is a fusion of Yang Guifei and Francis Xavier! No matter what she looks like, Toru is one of the bubbliest and cheeriest member of 1-A, and what we’ve seen of her room tells us she’s a big fan of cute things and plushies (big mood), so even though she isn’t visible, her aura certainly tends to be. When fighting, Toru fights almost completely naked, wearing only gloves and boots; despite the fact that no one can actually see her, she still seems to get mildly embarrassed about undressing around her teammates, much to their chagrin. Aside from being totally invisible, however, there might be more to her Quirk than it first appears, as Toru learns to refract light through her body, enabling her to blind opponents. This might mean that her invisibility has to do with visible light and other scientific ideas rather than being a purely supernatural one, but no matter what, Toru is willing to give it her all to be a hero! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her as the new season kicks into gear, and the new ways she finds to use her Quirk to help others!

akarin, she cry

And that completes our list! See any people on there that you recognized? We still aren’t sure what happened to number 3, but we’ll be sure to look into it and try and discover what the problem was… Huh? You mean she’s been there the whole time? Oh no! Akarin, we’re sorry! Don’t cry, wait, come back! Uh, well folks, we’re going to wrap up our list here, but remember: stay spooky and enjoy Halloween responsibly and don’t eat too much candy! 


What do you think of our list of invisible characters? Know any hard to see favorites that we didn’t include here? Let us know what you think in the comments, and have a Happy Halloween! 

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