QUIZ: What Does Your Favorite Dr. STONE Character Say About You?

Everyone's got a favorite Dr. STONE character, but did you know it says a lot about you?

Dr. STONE has brought us a delightful cast of characters over the last 23 episodes. Though there is no titular “Dr. STONE”, there are so many characters that charm and delight that we don’t even need her. If you’re curious who your peers thought was the best character in the series, over 50,000 fans voted in our poll recently, but if you want to know what your personal favorite says about you, read on!


Yuzuriha - Dr. STONE 

Yuzuriha: You must be the kind of person people easily fall in love with. Kind and nurturing, you have a lot of hidden talents!


Kohaku - Dr. STONE

Kohaku: You give a strong impression to people but you are actually very kind and caring of a person.  You might not seem like the easiest person to get close to at first, but your friendship is worth earning. Your loyalty is boundless just like your kindness and trust.


Ruri - Dr. STONE

Ruri: You are knowledgeable and wise, you have a wisdom that allows you to pass on things that mean something to others. Empathic to a fault, you care about people and people care about you!


Taiju - Dr. STONE 

Taiju: You are always supportive and are easy to befriend! If any of your friends have to move, you’re the first person they call! (And you don’t even MIND!) You are easy to please and sincere, the kind of person someone would be lucky to grow old with. 


Senku - Dr. STONE

Senku: You’re the kind of person who is all about efficiency. Despite not seeming like an emotional person, you are really considerate of the people around you, convinced that you can solve everything by applying logic to make everyone happy. Ultimately, you’re the kind of person who will do everything in your power to protect the people you care about. 


Chrome - Dr. STONE

Chrome: You’re ambitious, driven, and talented. You have a tendency to be taken under the wing by people you really look up to. You’re the future of innovation and your creativity is a breath of fresh air! Never be afraid to pursue the things you love, you’re going to go far!


Kinro - Dr. STONE

Kinro: You understand others who are honest, hardworking, and reliable because so are you! You have diligently worked for your practice, and have gained the trust of those around you.


Ginro - Dr. STONE

Ginro: You can be a little too much, but no friend group could survive without you. Cowardly on the surface, you have a deep courage within you that’s waiting to be unleashed! Your strengths include making everyone around you smile, and being a reliable friend (most of the time). See you at the next party! 


Gen - Dr. STONE

Gen: You’re the shady friend in your friends group that everyone’s afraid to mess with but you’re also the most loyal person this side of the sun. You like to work your magic when it comes to giving your friends advice on relationships, trouble at school/work, and everything in between. You are a really good friend despite how you’re perceived at first. Your ability to get what you want isn’t a bad thing. Go forth and conquer, you charmer! 


Suica - Dr. STONE

Suika: Oh no, you’re adorable! Clever, cute, and here to help your friends you’re a ball of sunshine to everyone around you! There’s no such thing as something you won’t try to help with. Your support is way more effective than you realize and your ability to be the most friendly and helpful person around makes you an invaluable friend! 


Tsukasa - Dr. STONE

Tsukasa: You have a very clear vision for how the world should be and if given the opportunity, you would take it. Sometimes your ambitions can get in the way of friendships with people you really admire, but it’s possible for you to make very genuine connections with others despite everything. Your moral code is as strong as your will to make the world a better place, for better or worse.


Byakuyga - Dr. STONE

Byakuya: You’re the supportive friend who thinks really far ahead to help your friends.  You’re willing to take calculated risks and have strong aspirational goals, but still make time for the aspirations of the people closest to you. You want to see your favorite people succeed and will sacrifice yourself for your friends, what isn’t there to like about you? As the Greek motto goes, "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."


In anticipation for the season finale of Dr. STONE, we are publishing exclusive pieces all about our favorite exhilarating science show! Tune in this week for interviews, deep-dives, quizzes, and more! 



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