QUIZ: Prove Your Christmas Spirit with Our Official Test! Or else!

Prove your love of Christmas! Or do you actually hate Santa?

Editor's Note: This is a republication of a feature by Peter Fobian that originally appeared on Crunchyroll News on 12/19/17.


Christmas has returned, which means a no-holds-barred competition to prove our worthiness for presents! Only nice girls and boys get that coveted new gaming system! Kids of only mediocre niceness deserve the socks they receive from their aunt. It's survival of the fittest and naughtiest are doomed to receive coal... or worse...


The only way to prove your Niceness is by showing your Christmas Spirit and Santa IS Christmas. Take this quiz and identify each Santa. Every wrong answer means you're personally failing him!


Don't underestimate Christmas! Many have fallen where you stand today! Hurry, before he begins to doubt you!




You can follow Peter Fobian on Twitter @PeterFobian.

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