Anime Fans Are Doing Wonderful Things With Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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One of the best parts of the weekend has been watching people on Twitter share their awesome (and often wonderfully ridiculous) islands from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, I'm not playing the game myself (As much as I love the look and atmosphere of the games, I just can't get very involved with them. My preferred style of gaming either includes Pikachu or me pressing X a bunch while Batman beats up, like, 90 dudes), the second hand glee that y'all's posts are giving me is great.


tom nook


I've especially loved seeing people share their anime-themed designs, and I'm gonna point out a few great ones here:


First off, here's a room dedicated entirely to Sanj...I mean Sango....I mean Soba Mask. If you've watched the latest One Piece episode, you've seen the amount of fanboying over this glorious hero that goes on, so I imagine this might be an accurate depiction of what Usopp's room looks like right now.





There's also no shortage of Dragon Ball designs being created. More Goku has literally never been a bad thing.






 You better BELIEVE that Naruto fans have also taken the time to show off their skills. Every village needs a ninja.





They should feel right at home, since, apparently, most of the villagers do the Naruto run anyway.



 Did y'all hear the new Bleach news? Yeah, the anime comes back next year. But in even bigger news, Tite Kubo recently revealed that he plays Animal Crossing




Some Animal Crossing players are feeling easy breezy, and have decided to emblazon their island with characters and images from Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!




There's even some Haikyu!! designs. You know, maybe my friends are right when they tell me this is the best game ever made.



 Wait, Surprised Pikachu art? You know what? I was wrong. Nintendo, take my money.




 Have you seen any cool anime-inspired Animal Crossing designs? Let me know in the comments!




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