Tower of God RULES And Fans Seem To Agree

That was a pretty solid debut





Tower of God is pretty rad.


The music was great and the animation had a cool, fluid roughness to it, like it was being sketched in real-time before our eyes. And that's kinda what I want when being dropped in the middle of a new shonen anime world. I want to open my eyes and behold the expanse and lore of it as the protagonist does. Tower of God drops you into itself, delivering enough information that you're not overwhelmed by the events but also making it very clear that you don't know what's on the horizon of the location or the story. Unless you've read the WEBTOON series, of course. Then you're probably aware.


tower of god


Some cool stuff? More series need to introduce their protagonist by having them basically subdue an icthyosaur. That's a dude I can trust. If I see you take down a water monster, I'm on your side. And from what I've seen with Rachel and Bam's relationship, I know that I'm gonna cry about it within the next few weeks. And when Bam made it to the next floor and everybody was taking each other out in this cool game of anime Fortnite that reminded me of the clown thugs offing one another at the beginning of The Dark Knight, I was officially sold. A guy with a sword got shot by arrows, and that guy got sniped, and then the sniper got taken out by Rak, a dude that appears to be half crocodile and half Hulk Hogan.


Oooh, y'all. Gimme Episode 2.


Of course, that is just one over-excited fool's opinion. I could go on the internet to discover that everyone had watched Tower of God and given it a deafening chorus of "MID." But luckily, a lot of the reactions I found were pretty positive, and I'm gonna share a few of them here:


















What did you think of the debut episode of Tower of God? Let me know in the comments!


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