FEATURE: The Mundane and Comedic Brilliance of Nichijou

Kyoto Animation's 2011 slice-of-life anime is full of hilarious and memorable moments. These are just some of our favorites!


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True to its title, the comedic beauty of 2011’s Nichijou stems from its uncanny ability to make hilarious spectacles out of everyday situations. Whether Yuko, Mio, Mai and the rest of the cast are eating, shopping, or trying to overcome awkward social interactions, there are always laughs to be had amidst this endearing (oftentimes, impeccably animated) slice-of-life anime. 


It’d be impossible to list every single time Nichijou made us laugh, but there are plenty of moments and scenes in the show that exemplify what makes this anime so unique and fun to watch. As we look back on one of Kyoto Animation’s most delightfully bombastic shows, here are some of our favorite hilarious moments throughout the anime’s 26-episode run.


Yuko Catching an Octopus


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As one of the very first sketches in Episode 1, nothing sets the tone for a show quite as well as Yuko’s summoning every ounce of strength in her body in an effort to not waste a single morsel of her bento.


Principal Wrestling a Deer


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Despite the show’s claim to depict everyday life, we challenge anyone to claim that they’ve ever seen this happen at their school! Who were you rooting for in this battle for the ages?


Finals Are OVER


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Who doesn’t remember the cathartic feeling of being finished with your final exams and having your whole summer vacation open up in front of you? These students certainly have the right idea!


Breaking Open a Pumpkin


Image via Funimation 


Blood, sweat, tears, and top-notch animation apparently hold no candles to the hide of the mighty pumpkin. The Kyoto Animation team was in full force for this absolutely silly scene.




Image via Funimation 


Few things are more annoying than when a curmudgeonly old woman’s quest for true love gets in the way of you trying to eat, especially when you haven't eaten all day.


Barely Catching the Train


Image via Funimation 


There’s a certain feeling you get when you make your train in the nick of time. Then there’s the heartwrenching disappointment of watching your train shove off after you just miss it. But in typical fashion, Nichijou manages to strike a hilariously lukewarm middle ground.


Helvetica Standard: Tell Me Your Crush!


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Many of the show’s “Helvetica Standard” sketches derive their charm from oddball humor and complete visual subversion. But none leave quite as lasting an impact as one of the most tragic (and most profitable) anime betrayals of all time.


Glasses, Glasses, Glasses!


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Glasses, glasses, glasses, glasses, glasses, glasses, glasses!!!


Yuko Ordering Coffee


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This entire scene is the perfect embodiment of every awkward first visit to a new food joint with overtly-quirky gimmicks. Note to all restaurants: just give us "Small," "Medium," or "Large" sizes, please!


Anything Mai Does


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Widely regarded on the internet as one of the most chaotic neutral anime characters ever, Mai Minakami’s antics at the expense of her friends are nothing short of jaw-dropping.


Fully-Armed Tsundere Shenanigans


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Nothing says “I-it’s not like I did it for you or anything, idiot” like unloading an entire arsenal of large scale weaponry at your crush.


The Pains of Drawing Manga


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You always want to be careful when getting ready to draw manga. Stretch your wrists, check your posture, stay hydrated, and definitely don’t do this. 


Mio Assaults Literally Everyone


Image via Funimation 


In an effort to protect her darkest secret, Mio pulls out all the stops and unleashes her rage on anything that moves. And when Mio gets angry, nothing can stop her. 


Trying to Pet Dogs


Image via Funimation 


The professor’s fear of dogs seems a little more justified when you consider how much damage these pooches cause to our heroes.


Waiting Out the Rain


Image via Funimation 


Sometimes, the universe decides to dump every little misfortune it has onto you. You’ll want to scream, cry, even laugh at the despair of it all. But sometimes, it’s just so bad, that you can’t bring yourself to do much of anything.


final nichi

Image via Funimation 


This quirky, irreverent comedy anime stands as one of KyoAni's greatest works to this day, almost a decade after its broadcast. Its outlandish gags and undeniable charm have helped Nichijou to carve its own niche in the genre, and will undoubtedly still make us laugh for years to come!


What are some of your favorite moments that we missed? Thinking of giving the show a rewatch or trying it for the first time? Comment below and let us know!



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