FEATURE: Crunchyroll Chows Down at Cafe Mugiwara in Tokyo

One Piece collaboration cafe in Tokyo Tower offers a unique menu, manga reading rooms, and more

Carrot, Brook, Chopper, and Luffy clamor for Sanji's cooking in a scene from the One Piece TV anime.


If there's one thing that Japan loves to stage, it's collaboration cafes with anime-themed food and beverages, and the One Piece Cafe Mugiwara restaurant located on the first floor of Tokyo Tower is one such destination. Cafe Mugiwara provides a dining experience centered around Eiichiro Oda's wildly popular One Piece pirate adventure manga and TV anime, and in a recent video, Crunchyroll took a tour of the facilities.



The video (above) highlights some of the themed menu items, including drinks, meals, and desserts patterned after characters both heroic (Sabo, Franky, Chopper, Sanji) and otherwise (Perona). Aside from sampling the mouth-watering food and beverages, the tour also checks out the manga library (where patrons can browse the latest volumes of One Piece) and the gift shop, which is a treasure trove of character goods.


If you were to take a trip to Tokyo, would you make a special trip to Cafe Mugiwara? What menu item appeals to you the most, and why is it Franky's Super Juicy Burger? Let us know in the comments section below!


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