VIDEO: Get Ready For Onyx Equinox With A Three-Part Video Crash Course! (UPDATED)

First of three parts available now!


UPDATE: Read on for a new video with five things you missed in Onyx Equinox! Original article follows below:


Ahead of the long-awaited premiere of Onyx Equinox, the brand new Crunchyroll Originals series that draws from the rich cultures of Mesoamerica as inspiration, get to know the world that Izel and his fellow travelers inhabit before watching the show with this 3-part video series that will help explain the setting, created and presented by our Latin American hosts, Dulce and Ryuyin! 



To help us better understand the background and story of Izel and his fellow travelers, we have also enlisted the help of experts in the field of Mesoamerican studies to ensure that everything presented in the series is as true to what is known about Mesoamerican cultures and societies! This 3-part video series will cover everything from the importance of the gods in Mesoamerican societies, the ancient sport of Ulama, the Mesoamerican concepts of Death and the Underworld, the legend that links the twins K'in and Yun, to the ritual sacrifices at the center of Mesoamerican culture. 


The video series is sure to answer all manner of questions you might have before watching Onyx Equinox and we hope that you find these videos simultaneously exciting and educational, while sparking your interest in both the show and in the societies and cultures that were once the cradles of human civilization! The first part of the 3-part series is available now; parts 2 and 3 will be coming soon so stay tuned! Mark your calendars for November 21st, the day that Izel will begin his journey to fulfill his destiny, only on Crunchyroll! 


UPDATE: Check out a new video below with 5 things you missed from Onyx Equinox!



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