RANKING: The Most Popular Attack on Titan Characters

Over 100,000 Fans voted for their number one character!

Eren Jaeger Attack on Titan


Dark fantasy series Attack on Titan has been a mainstay in the anime community since its first season debuted in 2013. With the final season of the fan favorite quickly approaching, we decided to run a popularity poll with our users asking which character was their favorite! We received an overwhelming number of responses with over 100,000 fans writing in to support their favorite characters. So, without further ado, here are the results:


Rank Character
21 Oruo Bozad
20 Miche Zacharius
19 Nanaba
18 Bertholdt Hoover
17 Dot Pyxis
16 Hannes
15 Petra Rall
14 Marco Bodt
13 Conny Springer
12 Ymir
11 Christa Lenz
10 Reiner Braun
9 Annie Leonhart
8 Jean Kirchstein
7 Sasha Braus
6 Erwin Smith


And now for the top 5:


#5: Armin Arlert


Armin Arlert Attack on Titan


#4: Hange Zoë


Hange Zoe Attack on Titan


#3: Eren Jaeger


Eren Jaeger Attack on Titan


#2: Mikasa Ackermann


Mikasa Ackermann Attack on Titan


#1: Levi


Levi Attack on Titan



Catch up on Attack on Titan before the new season here!



Cayla Coats is the Editor-in-Chief of Crunchyroll News. She tweets at @ceicocat.

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