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Way back in the ancient days of, like, August, I had a column called "Fight Scene Friday." I liked doing it a lot because it combined me saying stuff like "BRO. DID YOU SEE LUFFY JUST HIT THAT GUY?!?" with "Kakashi's twin kunai are metaphors that represent the feelings of having failed both Obito and Rin, and he strikes out with them because he hasn't come to terms with processing his grief." Basically, it was a fun time for all.


However, due to the all-consuming, omnipotent wave that is LIFE STUFF, the series was put on hiatus. Now, thankfully, I'm able to bring it back in 2021, this time on a bi-weekly basis, which gives you more time to vote. I always felt bad because it would always be the winner just narrowly edging out the same Bleach fight every week at the last second. I'm so sorry, Ichigo vs Byakuya fans. You'll get yours one day. To prepare for its return, I'm gonna list the five fights that y'all seemed to enjoy the most.


5. Asta vs Ladros


Asta, Black Clover


Coming in at Number 5 is Asta vs Ladros, a fight that inspired a decent amount of division among fans. Some admired Studio Pierrot's more experimental attempt at depicting Asta's newfound Devil-infused powers and others kinda wished that it would calm the heck down. Regardless, the ending with Asta's Black Meteorite shooting through the sky is one of my favorite Black Clover moments. 


4. Luffy vs Enel


Enel in One Piece


The fight that brought us the Enel face, a One Piece reaction that just keeps on giving, Luffy vs Enel is so ridiculously satisfying in a way that many fight scenes want to be. To see Luffy take down a man with a god complex and effectively liberate everyone that calls Skypiea home is powerful stuff, and the way that the fight is paced, dragging it out from ark to beanstalk always feels ingenious rather than belabored.


3. Julius vs Patry


Black Clover


I've probably rewatched this fight about a half dozen times and each time I'm blown away by just how well it works. Black Clover has always been particularly inspired when it comes to the way it clashes certain magic powers, and this battle is a great representation of that strength. Omar Little, of HBO's The Wire, once said, "You come at the king, you best not miss." This is something Patry figured out WAY too late. 


2. Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki




There's nothing quite like a couple of Dads beating the crap out of a cocky space jerk, and the dozens of millions of views that its video has on the Crunchyroll Collection YouTube page means that many probably agree. Though, full disclosure, about 15 million of those are mine. The Naruto franchise has always excelled with fights that include a few powerful people beating up one powerful person, and this fight is that trope's Final Form. 


1. Kakashi vs Obito


Kakashi, Naruto Shippuden


Sad music? Barely any dialogue? Flashbacks to the past that sort of line-up to the actions being performed by the two combatants in the present? Even if Kakashi vs Obito wasn't one of the most finely choreographed duels in the whole Naruto franchise, it would still have all the trappings of an emotional battle. This is one of those fights that makes the entire Fight Scene Friday series worth it. 


Now, here's a poll where you can vote for the first 2021 installment of Fight Scene Friday!



Let me know who you voted for in the comments and check out the Fight Scene Friday archives here!




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