RANKING: Every Black Clover OP, As Voted On By The Fans

Here is the order that nearly 5,000 of you voted for!



A few weeks ago, to celebrate the arrival of a new Black Clover opening (a momentous occasion if there ever was one) I asked y'all to vote for your favorite BC opening so far. And nearly 5,000 of you did, taking part in a poll that was honestly a little bit surprising. Now, before I reveal the results, I just want to say that there is no bad Black Clover OP, so this isn't a ranking of Worst to Best. It's simply a ranking of Least Votes to Most Votes. Every Black Clover OP, just like every one of you, is worthy of love and support, and judging from comments that said stuff like "How can I vote for (insert song here) when (insert song here) exists? This is tough!" I know many of you feel similarly. Oh, and I'll also be adding some of my favorite memories from the episodes that these OP's were attached to.


12. Opening 6: "Rakugaki Page"


This OP came during the Star Festival, and I really enjoyed Noelle's declaration of equality after the double date ...


Noelle, Black Clover


... along with Proud Dad Yami chucking Asta at the stage when the Black Bulls placement was announced. 


Yami, Black Clover


11. Opening 2: "PaiNT it BLACK"


I love the reveal that Julius Novachrono is immensely powerful, extremely wise, and also a huuuuge dork. 




10. Opening 5: "Gamushara"


Though the animation techniques used during the fight has been a source of debate among fans, Asta shooting through the air in Black Asta form to cut down Ladros is undeniably cool.


Asta, Black Clover


9. Opening 8: "sky & blue"


In the battle against the reincarnated Elves in the Eye of the Midnight Sun base, Mereoleona was MVP. Honestly, she might be MVP in every arc she's in. 


Mereoleona, Black Clover


8. Opening 11: "Stories"


My favorite part of the training is seeing how far Noelle has come since her first few episodes where she could barely control her powers. Yuki Tabata, Black Clover's creator, has been super thoughtful when it comes to power progression in this series, and Noelle might be the best example of his precision. 


Noelle, Black Clover


7. Opening 9: "RiGHT NOW"


Mereoleona, Black Clover


Again. MVP.


Mereoleona, Black Clover


6. Opening 4: "Guess Who Is Back?"


Confession: This is my personal favorite BC theme song. And if you line up a bunch of underdog anime heroes' faces as they finally defeat a powerful foe, that's pretty much catnip for me.


Black Clover


5. Opening 1: "Haruka Mirai"


The moment that Black Clover became a must-watch for me was when Sekke (aka "Bah-ha") was mocking Asta at the Magic Knights Entrance Exam and Asta just clobbered him. 


Asta, Black Clover


4. Opening 7: "JUSTadICE"


Noelle facing down her brother Solid, someone who has loved to humiliate and mistreat her for as long as she can remember, and showing him that his magic has no chance against her is so satisfying. "Solid, it's all right if I hit you, right?" Oooof, I got chills. 


Noelle, Black Clover


3. Opening 3: "Black Rover"


I know that in an arc that includes the most emotional and high stakes battle of the series so far — Kids are kidnapped! Licht shows up! Yami steps up to fight! — my favorite episode shouldn't be the mixer episode, but it is. If they ever do another anime-only arc, I hope the whole thing is devoted to one long mixer. I'm not kidding even a little bit.


Asta, Black Clover


2. Opening 10: "Black Catcher"


"Black Catcher" is a BOP, and listening to it with a friend gave me my own personal version of that "trying to hide that you're listening to an anime song" ProZD video. As for the moment? The team-up to defeat the Devil is hard to beat.


Black Clover


1. Opening 12: "Everlasting Shine"


The Magic Knights Squad Captains Battle Royale in Episode 151 might be my favorite fight scene in what might be my favorite anime episode of 2020. I just think it's neat.


Yami, Black Clover


So there you go, all 12 Black Clover openings ranked thanks to YOUR votes. YOUR votes. I did not rank these, so please, do not ask me why I put one song ahead of another. Instead, ask your friends and family members about their taste in Black Clover music. Tell them about how happy or disappointed you are with their choices. 


Oh, and here's the new one. It's pretty great and it reeks of "If I heard this at a concert, I'd absolutely lose it" energy. 




Where did your favorite Black Clover OP fall on the list? Let us know in the comments!




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