QUIZ: Which My Hero Academia Villain Group Do You Fit Into?

Would you join the Meta Liberation Army or maybe go at it alone?

My Hero Academia


The villains of My Hero Academia have taken over the popular and long-running series. Through other quizzes, we’ve been able to see what your quirk may have, which school you might go to, and even what villain you’d be like, but which villain group would you actually roll with? 


You’ve cast away the hero lifestyle and really want to make a change in the world (whether it’s a good or bad one is up to you!), so which villain group would your wants and needs most mesh with? Find out in the quiz below.


Please note: Crunchyroll does not condone any villainous deeds, we encourage everyone to be as plus ultra as they can!



Let us know which villain group you’ll be running with in the comments below!


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