RESULTS: The Top 5 One Piece Arcs According To YOU

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Earlier this week, I asked for you to vote for your favorite One Piece arc and you didn’t disappoint. Everything from Romance Dawn to Wano Country was up for grabs, and though some of my predictions were correct as to your favorites, I was also surprised by a few as well. So, let’s take a look at the ranking and see which One Piece arcs seem to rank above the rest!


First off, in 10th place, we have Luffy ringing the Golden Bell in Skypiea! In 9th place, the Straw Hats take on the machinations of Crocodile and Baroque Works in Alabasta! In 8th place, Luffy meets the other members of the Worst Generation but gets separated from his crew at Sabaody Archipelago! In 7th place, Luffy races from the bowels of a prison in order to save his brother Ace in Impel Down! And in 6th place, Luffy crashes the world’s deadliest wedding party in Whole Cake Island!


Now, for the Top 5:


5. Water 7


usopp, One Piece


More than just a prelude to Enies Lobby, Water 7 serves as one of the Straw Hat Crew’s most dire experiences. Their solid union falls apart as both Usopp and Robin leave the group, and every bond that’s been established in the journey so far is tested. It’s also the arc that introduces Franky, the blue-haired guy who starts as a flamboyant crime boss and eventually becomes the Straw Hats’ beloved shipwright. 


4. Dressrosa


doflamingo, One Piece


Dressrosa is a big arc, not just because it spans over a hundred episodes but because SO much takes place. Luffy reunites with Sabo. Sabo gains Ace’s former Devil Fruit. The Straw Hats take down Doflamingo (and Kaido’s) chemical plant. Usopp becomes a god. Fujitora reveals his desire to do away with the Seven Warlords system. We learn Trafalgar Law’s desperate, tragic backstory. Luffy finally takes down Doflamingo, a character who, every pun intended, has been pulling the strings behind the scenes for about fifteen years' worth of storytelling so far. Luffy earns the trust of an entire alliance of pirate crews. Oh, and an entire kingdom is restored to peace after years of violent deception. Am I missing some stuff? Probably.


3. Wano Country


luffy, One Piece


Though it’s still ongoing, it’s certainly safe to say that the Wano arc has made an impact on One Piece fans. From the delightful action and fight scenes to the constant explorations of lore to the high stakes tension that surrounds Luffy and his comrades’ quest to take down Kaido, open the borders of Wano and ensure that the efforts of Kozuki Oden weren’t for naught, Wano has been constantly satisfying. While Wano made third place now, after the fight at Onigashima has settled and we get to see the arc come full circle, there’s a good chance that it might move up a spot or two.


2. Marineford


whitebeard, One Piece


Many series have attempted to rally dozens of characters from across a story together in an all-out war scenario, but often it comes off as little more than the equivalent of dumping all of your action figures out on the floor. Marineford is different, though, using the established thematic stakes of One Piece to build a conflict around justice, destiny, and hope for the future. As Whitebeard holds his last stand and Luffy makes a mad dash across the ice, a torch is passed from one generation to the next. The World Government attempted to throw a wrench into the new age of pirates with their execution of Ace, but they only ended up strengthening it. 


1. Enies Lobby


robin, One Piece


To many, this isn’t just the gold standard of One Piece arcs but anime arcs in general. Few exemplify everything good about a series like Enies Lobby does, using Nico Robin’s cry of “I want to live!” as a declaration of their entire ethos of the narrative. Every member of the Straw Hat Crew is given multiple memorable moments as they work to take down CP9 and then escape with their beloved friend and the whole thing concludes with the viking funeral of the Going Merry. Yes, by the end of this arc, you’re sobbing over a boat. THAT’S power.


Did your favorite One Piece arc make the top 10? Let me know in the comments!



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