QUIZ: Which Magical Girl Era Do You Belong To?

From Early to Modern to Magical Girl Adjacent, this short personality quiz will sort you out good!

The cast of Healin' Good Pretty Cure strikes a heroic pose after completing their transformation sequences in a scene from the Healin' Good Pretty Cure TV anime.


This article written by Paul Chapman was originally published October 8, 2020


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Have you ever wished to be a magical girl? Did you know that the Magical Girl format has changed quite a bit since its inception back in 1966? Being a magical girl means different things during different time periods, so we've prepared a helpful little quiz to help fans determine what type of magical girl they would be and which era of Magical Girl series they would best fit within. Check it out below:



From Sally the Witch to Healin' Good Pretty Cure, the Magical Girl theme has a rich history and it's interesting to see how the emphasis on magic and how it is applied has grown and changed over a period of decades.


Which era of Magical Girl anime do you prefer? Who's your favorite magical girl character? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below, and have a magical day!


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