INTERVIEW: Ceres Fauna, the Inspirational Bridge between Nature and Gaming

The next addition to a series of interviews with hololiveEN's newest generation of VTubers


Gather ‘round Faunatics and Saplings of Crunchyroll, because today we’re joined by a special guest. Mother Nature herself — Ceres Fauna!



This article is part of our series of articles and interviews with the members of hololive English -Council-, the newest generation of VTubers under hololive English! Each of the members' interviews are accompanied by a list of their Top 10 Anime. You can read Ceres Fauna's Top 10 Anime here, and you can see the other upcoming articles in this series below!





As many of you know, the rise of VTubers is a force to be reckoned with. When a strong personality is blended with hobbies that many of us share, an immersive entertainment experience is born! Fauna’s streams are particularly enjoyable because her optimistic demeanor is warm and SO infectious.


Now grab a chair (or a stump?) and have a seat for a variety of introspective answers provided to us by Ceres Fauna.



Crunchyroll: Could you please introduce yourself?



Ceres Fauna: Konfauna! I am Ceres Fauna of hololive English Council! I’m The Council’s Keeper of Nature, a kirin who serves as an avatar of mother nature! It’s nice to meet you~



What is a day in the life of a Keeper of Nature like?



Fauna: When I’m not streaming or working on secret behind-the-scenes projects, I’m usually spending time with my cats, Clover and Snail, or playing games! I also like cooking, playing my kalimba, drawing, and sleeping …


As the Keeper of Nature, you might expect me to be busy taking care of the forest. While I do take great care of the saplings in my garden, I don’t like to disrupt the natural order of the forest too much by intervening! The beauty of nature is that it’s wild and untamed, right? And that means I have more time to play games …



Can you tell us about your VTubing journey?



Fauna: It might be tempting to think nature isn’t compatible with something that requires as much technology as VTubing … But I wanted to become a VTuber to bring nature closer to humans! I thought taking the form of a cute anime girl could make nature more appealing to humans, and so far I’ve had great success! I’ve already convinced thousands of people to reject their humanity and become saplings! The forest gains more trees each day! There has never been a better time to return to nature!





What kinds of challenges come with VTubing?



Fauna: One of the best things about hololive is being given the opportunity to work on so many different projects! I never thought I would be able to create song covers and merchandise or to participate in anime convention panels (or Crunchyroll interviews?!)! It’s been an amazing learning experience, but there are times when I feel like I’m not keeping up with everything well enough. I always want to keep improving, whether it’s practicing my singing and Japanese, thinking of new ideas for streaming, or being more outgoing, but it can be hard to feel like I’m managing everything properly and improving myself enough. But being surrounded by so many incredible girls and the most encouraging community I could ask for keeps me motivated!


What was it like to audition? Were you confident after it finished?


Fauna: I had a lot of fun creating my audition video, but when it came time for the interview, I was not confident at all! I was so nervous that I thought I had completely failed the audition, so I was very surprised (and elated) when I heard I had passed! I suppose the lesson here is to not sell yourself short. We are our own worst critics after all! There’s always the chance something will turn out so much better than you imagined, so try not to let pessimism take over!


You’ve played so many games with your community, which one have you had the most fun with? Your FAVORITE game.


Fauna: Of all the games I’ve played on stream, the one that comes to mind at the moment is Getting Over It … Maybe it’s a somewhat surprising choice given its tendency to induce rage in its players, but after I started streaming it I got completely addicted … It was extremely rewarding going from not being able to beat the game to being able to complete it in under seven minutes, and my community was there to cheer me on for the whole journey! I want to get a sub-five-minute time next …


Important question — do the Koroks from Hyrule worship you?


Fauna: I have still yet to play a Zelda game, so I haven’t met the Koroks yet! I haven’t had much luck getting any part of nature to worship me, so Koroks might be a first … Have you ever tried to get a cat to do what you want? Most animals are like that, and if you’re trying to get plants, fungi, bacteria, protists, or archaea to worship anything … Well, good luck!


Are you the “mom” of your friend group?


Fauna: Hmm, does anyone feel like the mom of their friend group? I never really considered myself to have a motherly personality until I was told that by everyone after I started streaming! Mothers in nature can be quite cruel after all … Have you heard about mother hamsters?


But maybe being the mom friend just means going out of your way to make sure your friends are cared for, and that doesn’t sound so bad~


What do Golden Apples taste like?


Fauna: You know how in Death Note shinigamis love human world apples because shinigami world apples are horrible, dried husks? Golden Apples are to human apples as human apples are to shinigami apples.



Since you are 4 and a half billion years old, you’ve been around for most of the earth’s history. What has been your favorite era of history to live through?


Fauna: As someone with a fear of insects it’s easy to pick my least favorite era of history … All I’ll say is we’re lucky insects are as small as they are these days!


As for my favorite era … There was a beautiful time when humans hadn’t yet cut themselves off from nature! I miss being so close … But it’s not too late for humans to reconnect with nature! If you’ll just visit me in the forest, I can serve you some of my special tea, and we can be together forever! There’s always room for another tree in the forest!


How is learning Japanese going for you? Do you have a favorite word or phrase you’ve learned?


Fauna: にほんごはむずかしいですぅぅぅ。。。I like words that use repeated kanji, like 人々 (hitobito)! It sounds cute and it means people, who I love so much!


Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans or fans of hololive in general?


Fauna: Keep chasing your dreams!


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Alex Poehlman is a Features Writer for Crunchyroll. Follow him on Twitter!

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