RECS: VTuber Ceres Fauna Lists Her Top 10 Anime

The Keeper of Nature joins us in the first of our hololive Council series!



This article is part of our series of articles and interviews with the members of hololive English -Council-, the newest generation of VTubers under hololive English! Each of the members' Top 10 Anime is accompanied by an interview with the VTuber. You can read Ceres Fauna's interview here, and you can see the other upcoming articles below:





Ceres Fauna is the Keeper of Nature and a member of hololive English -Council-, the newest generation of VTubers to join the English lineup of hololive! When she isn't attempting to revitalize and protect nature, she entertains her fans on her warm and optimistic streams. Fauna was kind enough to share her top 10 anime with us, and we are very excited to publish them for everyone to see! Take a look below:






Ceres Fauna's Top 10 anime, in no particular order (choosing 10 is hard enough, ordering them is impossible~!):








Hunter x Hunter





Death Note





Neon Genesis Evangelion



Image via Netflix



Puella Magi Madoka Magica





Mob Psycho 100





Made in Abyss



Image via Official Website



Kamisama Kiss



Image via Funimation






Image via Hulu



Future Diary



Image via Funimation



BONUS!! Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket (need to watch the new anime!!)


Image via Yen Press



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You can watch Ceres Fauna's streams on her YouTube channel here!




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