POLL: Chainsaw Man Creator Revealed Denji and Power’s Prank, but Who’s the Culprit?

“Perhaps our prank went too far...”

Chainsaw Man Power and Denji


NOTE: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of the Chainsaw Man anime.


There were a lot of key plot details revealed in the fifth episode of Chainsaw Man. We got more information on the overwhelmingly powerful Gun Devil. We saw how a sibling going back for their winter gloves is the newest way to trigger the anime kiss of death. We also saw Denji, Power and Aki go out on a mission together with their fellow Public Safety Devil Hunters. 


The stakes of the series have always felt high, but with the group looking for a devil with such an astronomical kill rate things are very tense right now. What better way to ease the mood than with a good ol’ fashioned prank? Unfortunately, the pranksters are Denji and Power, two loveable goblins with zero home training. Poor Aki.


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Technically speaking, we’re not told what the prank is, but it’s one so foul that even Power wonders if the two of them took things too far. Considering her montage of not flushing the toilet or bathing regularly, this prank had to be quite the stinker. Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto confirmed as much on Twitter.



As an anime-only watcher at the moment (the manga is calling to me) I’d assumed that the answer was in the manga. It's not. All we know is that Aki’s in such a bad mood that he tells Denji and Power that they don’t get rights. As the two wonder if their prank went too far Aki agrees... then threatens their lives. Himeno tells him he can’t be strict with them all the time, but I wonder if she’d change her tune if she knew how, ahem, shitty the prank was.


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According to Fujimoto the prank involved putting poop on Aki’s nose. Considering the fact that Power doesn’t like to flush the toilet it’s probably not hard to get a hold of this crap. The real question is whose poop is it? 


Truthfully both characters are unhinged enough to do it. Denji was the one who introduced Aki to the “Testicle Devil” and Power already thinks we humans are too sensitive because we eat vegetables and get rid of our feces in a timely manner. That being said, she is the one who said that maybe this was going too far, and Denji was the one cleaning out the toilet in Episode 4. 


What do you think? Who fertilized Aki’s nose? Answer the poll to unclog the mystery!





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