GUIDE: All You Need to Know About My Hero Academia’s Paranormal Liberation War

Back then, you looked like you were asking to be rescued

Deku in My Hero Academia


This article contains spoilers for the first half of My Hero Academia Season 6.


My Hero Academia season six has been an intense ride so far. We’ve screamed, we’ve cried, we’ve poured water over our heads and danced on top of giants, it’s been a lot to keep up with in this first half of the season. Never fear, for as a retired hero once said, I AM HERE, offering a guide on the Paranormal Liberation War just in time for the second half of season six to premiere. As the dust settles on a truly grueling war, let’s take a look at everything that's happened so far.


The Heroes Arrive


My Hero Academia heroes


Thanks to Hawks getting intel on the villains the heroes are able to stage multiple attacks. Endeavor and several others infiltrate Jaku General Hospital where Dr. Garaki has a secret lab full of Nomu. It’s also where Shigaraki is getting his monstrous power boost. 


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As the Nomu begin to run wild in the hospital the Rabbit Hero, Mirko, pursues Garaki. Garaki is desperate to stop the heroes, not wanting them to interrupt Shigaraki as he hasn’t reached 100% of his power yet. Mirko keeps fighting, holding off the Nomu until the other heroes arrive. Much to Garaki’s dismay, Shigaraki’s tank is broken. 


So Now I’m Crying About Twice


Toga hugging Twice in My Hero Academia


Thanks to Kaminari absorbing an enormous electric attack, another large group of heroes are able to storm the mansion headquarters of the Paranormal Liberation Front (the combination of the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains). As the villains scramble in their counterattack a sad, enraged Twice realizes that Hawks betrayed them. 


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Despite Hawks’ best efforts to not fight Twice, as he feels that Twice is actually a good person, the two exchange blows. Twice ends up being killed by Hawks and uses the last of his power to send a clone to protect Himiko and Mr. Compress. Dabi retaliates, viciously attacking Hawks until Tokoyami shows up to get his mentor to safety.


The Worst Part of Waking up Is Tomura Shigaraki 


Shigaraki in My Hero Academia


One of the heroes, X-Less, checks on the unconscious Shigaraki’s condition. Unfortunately for him, Shigaraki wakes up and immediately destroys the entire lab, killing X-Less and several heroes in the process.


The now awakened Shigaraki orders Gigantomachia to meet up with him, causing complete chaos at the mansion as the giant seeks out his master. While that’s going on Shigaraki realizes that he’s inherited all of All For One’s Quirks and is suddenly compelled to seek out One For All. 


Deku in My Hero Academia


Deku, sensing that Shigaraki is after One For All, decides to use himself as bait so the villain won’t hurt anyone else. Bakugo follows after Deku, knowing that no one else fully understands what’s going on in regard to his Quirk.  


Endeavor, Gran Torino and Aizawa show up with a small team of heroes to fight Shigaraki. Gran Torino tells Deku and Bakugo to stay out of it as the worst-case scenario would be One For All falling into Shigaraki’s hands. Aizawa keeps his eyes on Shigaraki to make sure he can’t use his Quirk but Shigaraki proves to be quite the threat. Deku and Bakugo decide to help as, to them, the worst-case scenario would be losing their teacher.


The Kids Aren’t All Right


Students vs Villains in My Hero Academia


The League of Villains hitches a ride on Gigantomachia to go to where Shigaraki is. This adds an even bigger threat for the heroes as seen with Midnight being fatally wounded mid-battle. Midnight uses the last of her strength to contact Yaoyorozu and update her on the situation, giving her permission to use anesthetics even if it's against the law. While Midnight does say that the students can leave it up to the heroes because of how severe the threat level is, Yaoyorozu and the kids decide to stand their ground.


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Yaoyorozu leads the group with a plan to use several canisters of anesthetics she's created against Gigantomachia. After most of them are destroyed by the League of Villains, Mina’s able to get close enough to use hers, but ends up hesitating when she remembers the encounter she had with Gigantomachia in the past. Kirishima rescues her and manages to get a canister into Gigantomachia’s mouth, but there’s no time to celebrate the victory as the hulking beast undergoes a horrifying transformation.  


When Bodies Move On Their Own


Aizawa in My Hero Academia


Endeavor’s sidekick, Burnin’, and several other heroes are fighting off a group of Nomu who have awakened at Shigaraki’s command. Meanwhile, the group fighting Shigaraki is horrified when he fires a Quirk-erasing bullet into Aizawa’s leg. Aizawa proceeds to cut off his own leg before the bullet’s effect can spread through his body, but now he’s out of commission for the rest of the battle. Shigaraki still thinks Aizawa’s a badass, though. He's not wrong.


An enraged Deku gets everyone into the air with Blackwhip when Shigaraki uses his Quirk. He also pulls Shigaraki up and uses his entire arsenal of moves to try and end the fight as quickly as possible. The heroes can only watch as Deku overworks his body, but Bakugo knows that this can only go on for so long before Deku wears himself out.


Bakugo and Deku in My Hero Academia


Bakugo and Todoroki work together to help Endeavor fire one more attack, but with All For One overtaking Shigaraki’s body, the villain is nearly unstoppable. Deku’s now in All For One’s sights but Bakugo protects him, pleading with him to stop fighting by himself as he’s impaled by a devastating attack.


This has the opposite effect as Deku goes berserk, All For One using the moment to his advantage to grab a hold of him. A battle of wills takes place with the vestiges of One For All — particularly Nana Shimura and All For One’s younger brother — but that’s not the only mental battle taking place. It turns out Shigaraki is fighting against All For One, trying to stop his mentor from taking over his body. 


Himiko Has a Question


Himiko in My Hero Academia


As Gigantomachia acts as a destructive chauffeur for the League of Villains, Himiko still feels restless about Twice’s death and wants to confront Ochaco and Tsuyu since she sees them as friends. After getting some encouragement from Spinner she sets off, luring Ochaco into an empty house after taking blood from an old woman. As Himiko and Ochaco fight she explains how she’s overcome with the desire to become the people she loves by taking their blood, but it’s hard to live in hero society because many see her feelings and her Quirk as a problem. 


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During the fight, Himiko gets a hold of the All Might keychain Deku gave Ochaco for Christmas. Ochaco reveals that she’s chosen to lock away her feelings, something Himiko has decided to stop doing as locking away her feelings just made them worse. After Ochaco tells her that she’ll have to live with the consequences of her actions, Tsuyu shows up to help, but Himiko leaves before they can get a hold of her. Ochaco can’t help but wonder what’s going on with Himiko as the villain had tears in her eyes while telling her story.


Save The Last Dance


Dabi's Dance in My Hero Academia


With Shigaraki failing to steal One For All and being completely spent after the fight, All For One decides that they need to retreat. Iida and Nejire arrive on the battlefield to warn the heroes that Gigantomachia is headed their way. Todoroki and Nejire work together to fight the weakened Shigaraki, but Gigantomachia ends up arriving on the scene with the League of Villains. As the heroes try and figure out what to do next Dabi takes center stage. It’s here that he reveals a shocking truth: he is Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of the family who everyone thought was dead. 


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While he’s telling the heroes this, a pre-recorded video is being broadcast by Skeptic that shares this information with the entire country — including Natsu, Fuyumi, and Rei. The video also goes into detail about how Endeavor abused his family and how that abuse created the villain known as Dabi. Dabi prepares to attack Endeavor, who is so startled by the news that he’s unable to move despite Shoto’s desperate pleas for his father to protect his friends. Before Dabi can use his father’s own attack against him (Prominence Burn) he’s stopped by a familiar set of threads. It appears that rumors of Bear Jeanist’s death were greatly, ahem, fabricated, and the hero is back in action.




Mirio returns in My Hero Academia


Best Jeanist does his best to hold Dabi and the rest of the League back — including Gigantomachia. Spinner manages to get Shigaraki to give an order that causes Gigantomachia to begin breaking free of Best Jeanists’ threads while the remaining Nomu stop fighting Burnin’s group to help the League of Villains. Before things can get any worse a surprising ally appears to help the heroes — Mirio, whose Quirk is back thanks to Eri.


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With Mirio joining the battle, Shoto facing Dabi, Bakugo returning to fight (and revealing his dynamighty hero name) and the other heroes still doing their best, it looks like there might be a small thread of hope. Even Endeavor manages to land one last attack against Gigantomachia. Before the overpowered monster can retaliate the anesthetic finally kicks in and Gigantomachia loses consciousness. 


One More Trick up the Sleeve


Mr. Compress in My Hero Academia


With the heroes slowly gaining the upper hand, Mr. Compress thinks back to how bad things had been for the League of Villains before their run-in with the Meta Liberation Army. They were stealing to survive and no one really had a goal. However, Mr. Compress still enjoyed being with the group and decides to buy everyone time so they can escape. 


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It’s here that we get to see the face behind the mask. Mr. Compress is the great-great-grandson of a thief named Oji Harima who would go after false heroes. This is a bit similar to Stain’s ideals, only Harima would steal from those heroes and distribute everything he stole to others. Thanks to Mr. Compress’ efforts and All For One completely taking over Shigaraki’s body, the League is able to get away from the heroes. Deku tries to pursue Shigaraki but is knocked away, his last thoughts lingering on the fact that, for a moment, it looked like Shigaraki was asking to be rescued. 


And that’s it for the first half of My Hero Academia season six! What’s in store for the heroes and villains in the second half? Find out by watching new episodes right here on Crunchyroll.




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