INTERVIEW: Meet the Director of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom's Dub!

We interviewed Shawn Gann about his career as an ADR Director



English dubs have been an integral part of the way we watch anime since Astro Boy in the '60s, and today we're talking to one of the people who helps bring those dubs to life! An ADR (automated dialog replacement) director is responsible for overseeing the entire process for English dubs and works closely with actors, script writers, and audio engineers to make sure the end product is the best it can possibly be! We had the opportunity to chat with ADR Director Shawn Gann (director of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, Requiem of the Rose King, Shadows House 2nd Season and more) about his career, how he got started in the industry, and some of his favorite anime in and outside of the booth! 




Crunchyroll: What is your name, and how long have you been an ADR Director?


Shawn Gann: I’ve been full time with Crunchyroll for nearly 6 months. I’ve worked as an ADR Director since 2017.

How did you get your start in anime, and what has brought you here now?


Gann: I was brought in by Joel McDonald and Caitlin Glass back in 2006 for some One Piece and Ouran High School Host Club bits. Since then, I bounced back and forth through theatre, film and television before making a stronger commitment to voiceover about 7 years ago. 

If you’ve done any voice acting yourself, what roles have you played?


Gann: Most notably for anime, I’ve played Doc in RADIANT, Hekiji Tengai in My Hero Academia, and Manabu Takasaki in Nichijou. I’ve also played notable video game characters in Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, and Tales of Luminaria

What are your all-time favorite anime titles?


Gann: Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Ninja Scroll (I’m old school, I guess; or, just old). Of course, essentially anything Miyazaki produces as well—Princess Mononoke being my absolute favorite.


Out of everything you’ve accomplished with Crunchyroll (and Funimation before that), what are you most proud of?


Gann: I’m proud of the inclusivity work that I partnered on as a contractor and the continued efforts I’ve made in my own shows for representation and equity for all performers. It’s a big, vibrant world and I love being able to bring that into my projects.

What do you love most about the anime fandom?


Gann: Their passion. There are pros and cons to being so in love and invested in a piece of art, but it’s mostly positive in the cosplay, original art, and appreciation they share.

 Can you share a fun/meaningful memory from your career?


Gann: Seeing the collage created from the Horimiya cast and production team for the first time. I knew we had set out to be deliberate in our casting for BIPOC representation…but seeing the beautiful cascading colors of folks just made my heart swell. It was important to them, but it didn’t occur to me until that moment how meaningful it would be to myself.


How can fans support your art or follow you online?


Gann: You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter under @Readykafka—All my information and other social media links can be found at

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