GUIDE: All My Hero Academia Arcs in Order

"This is the story of how I became the greatest hero."

Deku vs Shigaraki


This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia up to the first half of Season 6.


As we settle into the second half of My Hero Academia’s sixth season now is a good time to offer up a guide to all the different arcs available here at Crunchyroll. With over a hundred episodes, three movies and a handful of OVAs, this quirky anime has a lot to keep track of. Never fear, for we have taken the PLUS ULTRA steps to organize everything by season! Keep in mind that the names of the arcs aren’t official, but it is how the fans refer to these plotlines. That being said, get your notebook ready, young heroes, because it’s time to go beyond!


Season 1: You Too Can Be a Hero 


All Might and Deku


Entrance Exam Arc (Episodes 1 - 4)

Izuku “Deku” Mirodiya has always wanted to be a hero. Unfortunately, being born without a Quirk (this universe's take on superpowers) makes it hard to achieve the kind of dream that comes with capes and epic battles. After Deku has one of those character-defining moments of bravery, his greatest inspiration, All Might (the number one hero), tells Young Midoriya that he can, in fact, be a hero. All Might decides to pass his Quirk on to Deku, gifting him with the power of One For All, an ability so monumental that it threatens to destroy Deku’s body. 


Quirk Apprehension Test Arc (Episodes 5 - 6)

Deku makes it into the top hero school in the country, U.A. Here he meets other students with their own unique set of Quirks and a homeroom teacher who’d rather be sleeping. Deku finds himself having to do two seemingly impossible things — use his Quirk without breaking his body AND face off against his childhood friend/bully/shonen rival/it’s complicated, Katsuki “Kacchan” Bakugo.


Deku vs Kacchan


Battle Trial Arc (Episodes 7 - 8)

The fight between Deku and Bakugo heats up as the students have their first classroom test where one group acts as the villains and the other group acts as the heroes. Despite the derogatory roots that Bakugo gave it, Deku declares that his name is the name of a hero. After the battle, Deku decides to tell Kacchan the secret behind his new power, but will he believe him?


U.S.J. Arc (Episodes 9 - 13)

Did somebody order up some villains arriving way too soon? Shortly after their first training exercise the students find themselves facing Shigaraki and the League of Villains, a group who have set out to kill All Might with a bio-engineered creature known as a Nomu. The students are forced to fend the villains off until All Might arrives, but with All Might only able to fight on borrowed time, going beyond is getting more difficult for the top hero.


Season 2: You Too Can Be in a Sports Festival


Shoto Todoroki


U.A. Sports Festival Arc (Episodes 13.5 - 25)
Shonen tournament arc time! The school’s annual sports festival is here and students from all of U.A.’s courses compete against each other in a televised, stadium-sized event. Several notable matchups happen as characters like Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Hitoshi Shinso and more reveal their backstories and why they’re trying so hard to become heroes. 


Vs. Hero Killer Arc (Episodes 26 - 33)
A villain is on the loose who has been killing heroes he feels aren’t worthy of the title. When class president Tenya Iida’s brother is severely injured, he wrestles with the desire to seek revenge while knowing that such an action would be looked down upon. But what exactly makes a good hero, anyway? 


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Final Exams Arc (Episodes 34 - 38)
Class 1-A prepares for their final exams, but since this is a hero school those “tests” have them facing their very own teachers! Deku and Bakugo are forced to pair up against their childhood idol. Elsewhere, Shigaraki tries to come to terms with what he wants to accomplish by confronting one of the students.


Season 3: You Too Can Retire


All Might


Forest Training Camp Arc (Episodes 39 - 45)
Class 1-A teams up with Class 1-B for a big training exercise in the forest. Meanwhile, the League of Villains has grown in number and determination. Instead of trying to kill All Might the group decides to kidnap Bakugo and ask him to join them.


Hideout Raid Arc (Episodes 46 - 50)
The pro heroes come together to rescue Bakugo but run into trouble when the villainous All For One appears. All For One, Shigaraki’s mentor, once fought All Might years ago and now it's time for one final showdown. Afterward, All Might has no choice but to retire from hero work. Now, it’s Midoriya’s turn, the full potential of One For All in his hands. But can Deku handle the full weight of a Quirk with ties to someone as sinister as All For One?  


Deku vs Kacchan 2


Provisional License Exam Arc (Episodes 51 - 61)
The students prepare to partake in an exam so they can officially get their hero licenses. Once that's done Deku and Bakugo confront each other again as Bakugo reveals his true feelings about All Might’s retirement and Deku being his successor. All Might, in turn, reveals his hope for the boys to work together to better each other.


The start of the Shie Hassaikai Arc (Episodes 62 - 63)
The students meet U.A.’s Big Three: Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado. These third-year students represent the best of the best and offer a firsthand look at how powerful the first-years could become if they keep up their training. Meanwhile, as we learn more about the League of Villains, a new evil presence appears who is brought in to potentially work with the League.


Movie Break — My Hero Academia: Two Heroes


Deku and All Might


My Hero Academia’s first theatrical release, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, gives us a glimpse of All Might’s time in America as we’re introduced to the man who helped design several of his suits, David Shield. In the present day, All Might receives an invitation from David to meet at a floating island, bringing Deku with him. The rest of Class 1-A end up there for a variety of reasons, just in time for the villainous Wolfram to show up and threaten to kill the island residents. Insert many heroic deeds and the only time we’ll ever be able to see a fully powered All Might working together with Deku. 


While the movie isn't available for streaming on Crunchyroll, it is available on Blu-Ray in the Crunchyroll Store!


Season 4: You Too Can Fight the Yakuza


Overhaul vs Deku


The Shie Hassaikai Arc (Episodes 64 - 78)
The League of Villains has teamed up with Kai Chisaki, the leader of a Yakuza organization known as the Shie Hassaikai. While out on patrol with Mirio during his work studies, Deku meets a young girl named Eri who Kai is using to create Quirk-erasing bullets. Meanwhile, Sir Nighteye, one of All Might's former sidekicks, has seen a grim future for the retired hero. 


Remedial Course Arc (Episodes 79 - 80)
Not all the students got their provisional hero license and now they have to take remedial courses at the local daycare center — at least that’s what it feels like. Despite the wild antics of the tiny tots My Hero Academia proves that the most necessary lessons can come from the most unlikely of sources.


Eri and Mirio


U.A. School Festival Arc (Episodes 81 - 86)
Deku and his classmates form a band. I'm serious. There's no catch. Well, okay, there is a rather gentlemanly criminal on the loose... 


The first half of the Pro Hero Arc (Episodes 87 - 88)
Now that the hero rankings have been shifted after All Might’s retirement Endeavor is trying to come to terms with his unearned number one spot and the kind of hero he wants to be as, upon some self-reflection, it turns out he’s been a bit of a (censored). All that’s put to the test when he faces off against a deadly, upgraded Nomu.


Movie Break — My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has Class 1-A on a remote island as part of their training to become top heroes. Unfortunately, their time is cut short when the sinister villain, Nine, shows up in search of a child who has a Quirk that he wants to steal. Nine possesses multiple Quirks and proves to be the most difficult foe that Deku and the others have gone up against, leading to the students coming together to face the threat and protect the inhabitants of Nabu Island. 


While the movie isn't available for streaming on Crunchyroll, it is available on Blu-Ray in the Crunchyroll Store!


OVA Break — Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training!


My Hero Academia


This two-part OVA has Class 1-A taking part in disaster rescue training. During the exercise, the class finds themselves in an actual catastrophe that they have to try and help each other get out of. These OVAs are part of the Season 4 My Hero Academia lineup.


Season 5: You Too Can Be a Villain  




The second half of the Pro Hero Arc (Episodes 89 - 90)

Class 1-A takes part in a class exercise with the help of The Big Three. Meanwhile, as Endeavor recovers, he remembers running into Dabi who is then chased off by Mirko. Unbeknownst to Endeavor, Hawks met up with Dabi after the encounter, as it turns out the pro-hero is a spy for the Hero Public Safety Commission. But how far will Hawks go to get in good with the villains? And what's going on with Deku's Quirk?


Joint Training Arc (Episodes 91 - 101)
'Tis the season for more school work as Class 1-A and 1-B clash in an exercise that will, hopefully, go better than the forest training. Some students get brand new opportunities to shine, but things take a turn when Deku unintentionally discovers more secrets behind his Quirk.


Endeavor and Natsuo


Endeavor Agency Arc (Episodes 102 - 107 and 113)
Shoto asks Bakugo and Deku to join him at his father’s agency for an internship. While there Deku and Bakugo learn more about the Todoroki family, their tumultuous feelings toward Endeavor, the hero’s attempts at doing better and another child who died years ago.


Meta Liberation Army Arc (Episodes 108 - 112)
If the heroes can have their backstories revealed through training and intense, emotional moments, so can the villains, right? Shigaraki and the League find themselves going up against a new foe, the Meta Liberation Army, while also trying to prove themselves to the Doctor who works under All For One. Can Shigaraki deal with the titanic force of Gigantomachia, the temperamental Re-Destro AND traumatic childhood memories returning? 


Movie Break — My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission


Rody Soul


My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission marks the third theatrical film for the franchise and has our heroes facing a villain who is hellbent on getting rid of ALL Quirk users as he’s under the impression that Quirks will bring about the end of humanity. Flect Turn has placed bombs all around the world to go off and eradicate anyone who has a Quirk. Time is of the essence, but Deku finds himself in quite a dilemma — he’s been framed for murder! 


While the movie isn't available for streaming on Crunchyroll, it is available on Blu-Ray in the Crunchyroll Store!


OVA Break — HLB


My Hero Academia HLB


Why settle for a brief sports anime moment with the kids swimming in season three when you can have an OVA where everyone plays baseball? Apparently, there’s an entire hero league for baseball with Gang Orca and Shishido having a huge grudge against each other... even if no one on their teams is as passionate as them. Will someone please let Tamaki go home?


This OVA is part of the Season 5 My Hero Academia lineup.


OVA Break — Laugh! As if you are in hell


Bakugo laughing


Some dastardly villain has done the unthinkable: vandalized Endeavor’s home! This atrocity shall not stand as Endeavor and his interns (Deku Bakugo and Shoto) pursue Mr. Smiley. Unfortunately, the lighthearted villain has an unbeatable Quirk that causes you to break into fits of laughter. Can Endeavor and the others reach the punchline in time?


This OVA is part of the Season 5 My Hero Academia lineup.


Season 6, Part 1: You Too Can Start a War




Paranormal Liberation War Arc (Episodes 114-126)
The League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army have joined forces. As Shigaraki undergoes a painful procedure to awaken the rest of his power, the heroes stage an assault against the villains thanks to the undercover work of Hawks. An all-out war begins between the two forces, one that reveals devastating secrets and has the young heroes in training facing dangers they weren’t quite ready for. Hero society will never be the same again.


And that’s it — at least for now! What’s in store for the heroes (and villains) of My Hero Academia? Be sure to watch as the dust settles on that climactic war. 




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