FEATURE: Trauma Has Been Unleashed in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2

Things will surely get better for these kids soon. Right?

mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury


If you thought there was a miniscule chance that things would get better for the characters of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury’s second season, the show has effectively taken that idea and buried it six feet under with its first few episodes. Unless you’re one of the top villains of the show, it’s not been a good time for you. While those characters will hopefully get their comeuppance later on, everyone else has been struggling to find some semblance of positivity. Despite all of the hardships characters like Suletta, Miorine, and many others have faced thus far, there’s certainly a possibility that the worst is still yet to come.


Suletta had the most impactful ending of Season 1 — smashing a guy with her Gundam and turning him into goo — and she’s handled things as we’ve moved forward in a strange way. Suletta is essentially still Suletta. She hasn’t seemed particularly bothered by what happened. That’s partially because she hadn’t been reunited with Miorine until the fourth episode and was a little busy dealing with terrorists invading the school and that whole mess, but it is a little strange.


mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury


We do get a reason behind that when Suletta and Miroine are together again. Miorine apologizes for lashing out and understands why Suletta squished that guy. Suletta is unapologetic for what she did and explains that her mom told her it was OK. As we’ve watched Prospera’s gradual descent into being a villain, we’ve also seen just how much she’s been gaslighting Suletta by telling her it’s OK to kill others. It was obvious that there would be some wedge driven between Suletta and Miorine following the end of Season 1, but until she can see what Prospera is doing to her, Suletta’s gonna have to forgetta about having a good relationship with Miorine.


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Speaking of people who have been having an absolutely bad time, Miroine is up there in Season 2. While waiting to see if her father would survive an assassination attempt, she’s had to become the temporary CEO of the Benerit Group and deal with Prospera being an incredibly shady person. Prospera hits her with the one-two punch of dropping the reveal of Quiet Zero — a project her mother and father both worked on — and the fact that Prospera wants to enact a years-long plot of revenge against Miorine and her family. That’s not the kind of information you need when you’ve already got a lot on your plate.


mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury


Surely the fact that Prospera wants vengeance on Miorine’s family won’t have any negative impact on her relationship with Suletta! If we take that at face value though, she’s in an even rougher spot because that effectively would remove any solid allies for Miorine and she’d be alone for the most part. Given the number of characters who are trying to play politics and wrestle power away from Miroine and her dad, this season is not going to get any easier for her, that’s for sure.


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If there’s one person that’s truly going through the depths of suffering, it’s Guel. Here’s a guy who didn’t have a great time in Season 1 and it’s only gotten worse. He gets kicked out of school and his family’s group, accidentally kills his own father, and then gets captured by the Dawn of Fold terrorist faction. That middle portion truly messed him up, as it would for anyone, but it left him in such a state of shock that he doesn’t eat and stares vacantly at the ground while he’s tied to a toilet. Even after all of that, he still finds a way to escape captivity after attempting to save a young girl and find his way back to space to meet up with his younger brother.


mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury


The Earth House at Asticassia has struggled after the Plant Quetta incident and are now being incorrectly linked to Norea and Sophie, the members of Dawn of Fold who infiltrated the school and killed people. These are kids who are not pilots like Suletta and aren’t suited for combat, yet have been face-to-face with warlike situations in just a short span of time. That alone would be enough to weigh heavily on a person but it’s unfortunately not just that.


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Earth House still has to reckon with the information that Nika was a middleman between Shaddiq and Dawn of Fold, something none of them really saw coming. On top of that, they also have their own classmates bullying them and trying to make them leave school because now they also think they’re terrorists. It’s a garbage situation all around for the Earth House because they don’t deserve to be treated in such a way. Unfortunately, it’s hard to imagine things getting better for them in the short term.


mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury


There’s a lot of characters dealing with problems that might be too much for them to handle after just a few episodes of The Witch from Mercury’s second season. You would hope things will start to get better sooner rather than later, but with how many untrustworthy people are vying for power currently (and the effects that will surely have on the rest of these characters), it’s hard to imagine we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon. If anything, it does make you want to see a lot of these unsavory characters get their comeuppance. Hopefully the show will deliver on that front.


How do you see things working out for the characters of The Witch from Mercury? Let me know down in the comments below!



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