First Blu-ray Release of Pretty Cure TV Series

The eighth magical girl action series Suite Pretty Cure

The Blu-ray disc release of Suite Pretty Cure, the eighth series of the popular magical girls action franchise, has been scheduled for October 28, 2011. So far only three Pretty Cure movies (All Star DX1&2, HeartCatch) have been released on Blu-ray, this is the first time for the TV series. TC Entertainment will release the four Blu-ray sets which contains 12 or 13 episodes each in two discs for the retail price of JPY24,150 (approximately US$295).


The Pretty Cure series have been considered as only-for-kids franchise, targeted for 3-6 years old pre-school girls. But just like Sailor Moon in the 90's, many adult anime fans keep following the series passionately. The TV anime have been aired in HD since the 4th series "Yes! Pretty Cure 5" in 2007.

Those dedicated fans have been eager to get the high-quality Blu-ray discs. This release undoubtedly for them. 


[Suite Pretty Cure's Toei official site]



The first series "Pretty Cure (Futari wa PreCure)" is also available on Crunchyroll.



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