Website Hijinks: K-on's Azusa Appears in Houbunsha Error Message

Watch what happens to this image when you have flash disabled.

There is a little silliness going on with the official website for Houbunsha, the publisher of manga such as K-on!, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Hidamari Sketch, and A-channel. If you view the official website with a fully featured browser, you get a perfectly normal page that looks like the screenshot below after the flash video has played through:



However, if you are on a browser that does not support Flash or has javascript turned off, such as a mobile device, you will get a page that looks like this (from @mo_ri_be at twitpic):



The error message is the standard "Your browser settings prevent you from viewing this webpage correctly." type message. However, the layout makes it appear Azusa is the one advising users to turn on Javascript and make sure that they have the latest version of Flash installed. They have even gone as far as to replace the release calendar with the lower half of her body for full effect.  View the full size version at twitpic or try it at home.


via Temple Knights

Screenshots ©Houbunsha ©kakifly, Houbunsha

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