Influential Manga Creator Shinji Wada Passes Away

Creator of Shojo Manga Classic "Sukeban Deka"

Translator Dan Kanemitsu has confirmed that noted manga author Shinji Wada has passed away at age 61. 


Shinji Wada is best known to English language anime/manga/cult Japanese media fans for 1976 shoujo series Sukeban Deka, about a yoyo weilding cop under cover as a delinquent schoolgirl.  The 22 volume manga was adapted into three TV drama series, three live action movies and a two episode anime OVA.  If you see a woman you a yoyo for a weapon in anime or manga, it was probably inspired by Wada's Sukeban Deka.


His love driven fantasy series Pygmalio, and especially its anime adaptation, has been unavailable in English, but also had an international following.



Recently, he'd been collaborating with You Higuri (Cantarella) on Crown for Princess Gold magazine, which was to have been released in North America by Go! Comi. 

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