Berserk's Twitterer Clara de Porras Shares Some Information About the Movie Adaptations

Along with an Update on the Berserk Movies, a Look at the Head of Midland Public Relations

Midland's (the fictional Kingdom that hosts most of Kentarō Miura's horror/action/drama Berserk) Head of public relations, Clara de Porras, is now on twitter, and we can now see see what she looks like.   


One thing that she's let Comic Natalie know is that the Berserk anime movie, Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler, scheduled to hit Japanese theaters in January 2012, will be the first of a three part adaptation of 10 volume "Golden Age" manga  arc that tracks raging swordsman Guts from his discovery as new born under the hanged body of his mother, through his time with the mercenary band know as the Hawks.


"Clara de Porras" is an apparent, if not entirely precise, pun on the anime movie's name.  "Clara" can mean "egg white" and, if you want to play with its Portuguese translation, you can get something close to seminal from "porras." is scheduled to launch of July 15th.

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