2012 World Beyblade Championship set for North America in March

Champions from Across the Globe Will Compete in Toronto


The 2012 World Beyblade Championship will be held in Toronto, Canada and will include players from outside of Asia for the first time. Bladers from over 40 countries will compete for the championship on March 25, 2012 at Corus Entertainment's new office building in Toronto's waterfront area. The championship will be presented by Hasbro, d-rights Inc., Nelvana, and creators, Tomy Co.

Developed in 1999, Beyblade became wildly popular, selling more than 160 million units in 55 countries. It's a high-performance version of a spinning-top game called "begoma". A new generation was introduced in 2008 with the name "Metal Fight: Beyblade" or "Beyblade: Metal Fusion" (North America). After the relaunch, an Asian championship was held in 2010 in Seoul.

Regional and national tournaments will be held in the later half of 2011 to determine the participants. Currently, there are seven schedule battle grounds for the US championships.

These cities include:
San Jose, CA (Walmart, Aug 6)
Los Angeles, CA (Kmart, Aug 13)
Dallas, TX (Walmart, Aug 27)
Miami, FL (Walmart, Sept 10)
Bohemia, NY (Kmart, Sept 17)
Totowa, NJ (Toys R Us, Sept 24)
New York, NY (New York Anime Festival, Oct 15)

Click for more information about regional and final competitions


Source: Asahi.com and Hasbro Toys

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