Exhibition Celebrates 40 Years of Lupin III Anime

No Heists, Please

A pilot was produced in 1969, but anime adaptations of Monkey Punch's famous, not-so gentlemanly gentleman thief began in earnest in October, 1971 with the first of three Lupin III TV series.  Starting on August 10th,  the "This is the World of Lupin III" will pay tribute "This is the world of Lupin III" will play tribute to 40 years of Lupin III anime, including Hayao Miyazaki's work that first TV series and the movie Castle of Cagliostro


The event running August 10, 2011 (Wednesday) - August 22, 2011 (Monday)  at Matsuya Ginza features over 200 items of art from the anime manga, including manuscript, Monkey Punch works and cells from Castle of Cagliostro and Lupin III's first anime movie, Mystery of Mamo.


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New Lupin III goods, timed for the anniversary include t-shirts, of course, a Fujiko statue ( ¥ 6,825), and even socks (¥380)


¥ 5,250 bandana scarf pattern Lupin Official Poster Exhibition (s)

Magnet ¥ 609 (tax included)

D T-shirt ¥ 3,675 (tax included)


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