Australia Bans House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut

Sega's lightgun shooter refused certification in Aus

Sega's House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut takes the formerly Wii-exclusive lightgun shooter and amps it up for an HD PlayStation 3 release. Australian gamers, however, might not get a chance to play, as the game has been refused certification, effectively banning it from being sold.


The original Wii version had no problem getting an unedited release when it debuted in Australia, nor did similarly violent games, which makes this kind of a strange case. The board report is one juicy block of text loaded with unintentional selling points:


"The game contains very frequent, unrelenting and detailed violence accompanied by copious blood and gore detail inflicted on zombies and mutant beings. The player can use a variety of weapons including a crossbow that causes the zombies/mutants to explode on impact as well as handguns, hand cannons, machine guns, mini guns and assault rifles that may cause decapitations, dismemberment and blood spray. The "Hardcore" game mode allows the player to play in a manner that exceeds strong in impact engaging a headshot-only mode which results in frequent, detailed blood and gore as the zombies and mutants heads explode into bloody pieces that spread around the environment and onto the screen. The game also contains an "Extra mutants mode" which increases the amount of mutants the player must kill to proceed, resulting in an increased intensity and frequency of violence. In addition the game contains a baby mutant that jumps onto the screen and explodes into bloody chunks when killed."


It's also fun to read the above like it's written by a 12-year-old boy scrawling down notes about his dream game. Sega has already stated it will appeal the ruling in hopes of an unedited release. Overkill Extended Cut was originally scheduled to hit shelves in Australia this October, and it's still on track for 10/25 in North America. 


Via Destructoid

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