Yuu Asakawa Joins the Cast of "Brave10" Anime

New series based on the legend of "Sanada Ten Braves"

Voice actress Yuu Asakawa (K-On!, Vocaloid Luka) has announced on her English Twitter account that she will be joining the cast of the BRAVE 10 anime.


An adaptation of the manga by Kairi Shimotsuki, the story takes its cues from the oft-told tale of the Sanada Ten Braves, a legendary group of ninja who fought during the era of the warring states.


Yuu mentions that, “This is gonna be my character 'Anastasia'”. Her ninja abilities include freezing water and generating fog. A picture of Anastasia has recently been posted on the official BRAVE 10 website.



Details about BRAVE 10's air dates are forthcoming, but for now, an official teaser has appeared on YouTube.



Yuu Asakawa (along with your EIC!) can also be seen as the co-host of the web series Otaku-Verse Zero.


© Kairi Shimotsuki / Media Factory · BRAVE 10 Production Commitee 

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