VIDEO: "s-CRY-ed Alteration" 1st Part "TAO" Trailer

Two volumes OVA for the 10th Anniversary of the series

The official site of "s.CRY.ed ALTERATION", the 10th anniversary project of the sci-fi action TV series in 2001, has posted an official theatrical trailer for "TAO", the first part of the two new OVA.


The original 26 episodes TV series "s.CRY.ed" is rearranged into two OVAs, "TAO" and "QUAN". They will be added new footage, HD remastered, and revoiced by the original casts. To celebrate the release, the two parts will be screened at selected theaters in Japan before the DVD/Blu-ray release. "TAO" will be screened on November 19, 2011, and the second part "QUAN" will be in Spring 2012.


"s.CRY.ed ALTERATION: TAO" theatrical trailer


1st promotional video posted in April


The Flyer


Source: Moon Phase


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