Anime Network Details "Persona 4" Simulcast Plans

Anime Network and Hulu streams begin October 6

Anime Network shot out a media alert this afternoon detailing its previously announced plans to simulcast Persona 4 The AnimationSentai Filmworks announced its license of the series a couple days ago, but the details on streaming were simply "through many outlets" and "soon." Thankfully, Anime Network's release sheds some more light on that matter.


The AIC A.S.T.A.-animated show, with direction by Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, Kamisama Dolls), will debut for free on Anime Network Online and Anime Network's Hulu page the same day as the October 6 Japanese premiere, at 3 PM Eastern. 


From there, a new episode of Persona 4 The Animation will stream each week at the same time. Distribution on additional services and platforms "will follow in 2012."


Here's some series info via the release: 


When Yu Narukamiʼs family moves to the rural country town of Inaba, heʼs expecting a lot more peace and quiet than heʼs been used to in the big city. Instead, the peace has been shattered as a rash of mysterious murders and kidnappings sweep the countryside. With the police stymied, Yu finds himself joining with a group of eight other teenagers in a desperate bid to solve the mystery. A mystery that is somehow connected to both the local weather patterns and a strange video game world which Yu, his friends and the enigmatic killer can all enter. Journey beyond the Velvet Room as the hit PlayStation 2™ game becomes a spectacular anime in PERSONA 4 the Animation!

Image ©Index/P4AC

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