Kenji Kamiyama Announces "009 Re:Cyborg"

3D Anime Movie Scheduled for 2012

In an online simul-streamed announcement, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East director Kenji Kamiyama revealed that his next project is an update of Shintaro Inshonomori's team of fugitives sci-fi, Cyborg 009. The 3D film, titled 009 Re:Cyborg is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters in 2012.



Shotaro Ishinomori's seminal Cyborg 009 featured a team of people, kidnapped from across the globe for human experimentation, who escape and turn their new super powers against their former captors. Kamiyama's mentor, Ghost in the Shell movie director Mamoru Oshii, previously produced a 3D Cyborg 009 anime for Panasonic, while Kamiyama used the characters in a Pepsi promo short.


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