VIDEO: Toei Animated "Road Blaster" Offered on iOS

"Rad Racer" Meets "Mad Max" by "Transformers: The Movie" Animator

Data East's laser disc based 1985 interactive movie arcade game Road Blaster is now available for the iPhone and iPad.  The latter is currently being offered for the sales price of $0.99.  For fans of 80's animation, this is noteworthy.  The game was animated by anime giant Toei under the guidance of Gundam: Char's Counter Attack animation director / Transformers: The Movie and Macross: Do Your Remember Love? key animator Yoshinobu Inano.


Official description:


They killed your wife and trashed your town, now they gotta pay!! Road Blaster puts you behind the wheel in a mad max-style demolition driving game, controlling the actions of a lone vigilante out for revenge!

Whether cleaning the city streets of murdering thugs, careening around the insides of an office high-rise, almost mowing down sunbathers on the beach, avoiding being crushed by combine harvesters or barreling around underground sewers, the result is an edge of your seat roller-coaster ride of a game unlike anything else!

The Japanese anime cult classic arcade game of yesteryear as you've never seen it before! Lovingly reimagined by the creators of several critically acclaimed best-sellers including 'UFO on Tape', 'Karate Champ', 'Beatwave', 'Cobra Command', 'Banzai Rabbit' and many many more, so you know it's good for you ;)



Data East's Cobra Command is also available



via Catsuka

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