New "Bleach" Opening and Ending Details

SCANDAL and Aimer bring us into the new story arc

I don't know about you, but the main things I look forward to in a new season of Bleach are the opening and ending animations.  It doesn't matter how far behind I am, I will always tune in to check them out because for some reason Bleach always gets really good music.


That hasn't changed with the upcoming "Shinigami Daiko Shôshitsu-hen" arc, which naturally gets a new opening, "Harukaze," from all-girl rock group SCANDAL, who I was introduced to with the fourth ending of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the second ending of Star Driver.  You might remember them from the 10th Bleach opening, "Shoujo S."


As for the ending "Re:pray," it's being performed by Aimer, who did the ending theme for the excellent No. 6.


Watch that timer on the front page--just two more days until the new season of Bleach, and two more days until the new OP/ED!  Anybody else excited for this?  What's your favorite Bleach OP or ED?




Thanks to karlagvp for the tip and senshyu + kylah616 for a correction!

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