Poll Results: Japanese People's Favorite Anime Voices

Fans weigh in on online poll

Eight hundred men and women between the ages of 20 and 50 took an online poll from KANRO Co. asking what anime character they think has a good voice. Here are the top ten results (with the number of people who gave that response in parentheses):



1. Char Aznable / Gundam (33)

2. Doraemon / Doraemon (29)

3. Son Goku / Dragonball (28)



4. Kenshiro / Fist of the North Star (24)

5. Conan Edogawa / Detective Conan (20)

6. Fujiko Mine / Lupin III (19)



Tied for 7. Minami Asakura / Touch & Monkey D. Luffy / One Piece (18)

9. Ryo Saeba / City Hunter (16)

10. Roronoa Zoro / One Piece (15)


For my part I'm happy to see Char and Kenshiro up there, but how about you guys? Any faves missing? Or how about your favorite English language voice?


via Yaraon!

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