ONE PIECE Battery, iPhone Jacket, Chopper Speakers on Sale

The king of the pirates is also the king of merchandising

The ONE PIECE goods never stop coming in Japan. Three more new ONE PIECE-related products were announced their release dates and details this week. They are; Panasonic's EVOLTA Battery ONE PIECE version, RAY-OUT's iPhone 4/4S ONE PIECE Jackets, and HAPPINET's stuffed doll loud speaker "UkiUki Dancing♪ Speaker Chopperman". Surely more to come soon! Which one is your must-have ONE PIECE good?


Panasonic's rechargeable battery EVOLTA "ONE PIECE Version"

Release date: November 21  Price: Open

   (estimated retail price is 1,000 yen/US$13.18 for the two batteries set)


RAY-OUT's iPhone 4/4S ONE PIECE Jacket

 Release date: November 5  Price: Open (1,800 yen/US$23.74 at the RAY-OUT's onlien store)


"ONE PIECE Character Silicon Jacket"


"ONE PIECE: Character Shell Jacket"

"ONE PIECE: Popular scene series: Character Shell Jacket"


HAPPINET'S "UkiUki Dancing♪Speaker Chopperman"

 Release date: November 12   Price: 4,179 yen (approximately US$55.71)



Source: Press release, IT Media, IT Media

© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji TV/Toei Animation

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